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22 thoughts on “10,000 steps results: Monday 9/5/13

  1. Any easy ways to keep the pedometer in place and to keep it from resetting accidentally? (I’ve been practicing…) 🙂 Also, any suggestions for how to carry it if I’m not wearing pants or a belt?

    1. Hi Shayla,
      Thanks for asking this question! I know these pedometers can be a pain primarily because the reset button is on the surface and it can easily be pushed on accident. So, you do need to try to attach it where there is limited external contact.

      There are several other ways to record your steps that you may find useful:

      ~Download a pedometer app to your smart phone! (

      ~If you are out walking and know the distance you walked, just estimate about 2,000 steps per mile.

      ~You may want to purchase a pedometer that works better for you. For example there are flat pedometers that look like a credit card and can simply be placed in your pocket. Or, if you want a more sophisticated one that can also track your sleep cycles, try the Fitbit bracelet! (

      1. every now and then, jane, i have been seen wearing a dress! 🙂

        my sleep cycles are scary, kelly! i had an iphone app that showed me that i was pretty much awake a good part of the night! the fitbit link has possibilities. what if i work on walking 5 miles a day? (omg!)

        i need a treadmill fitted with a computer desk for my office!

        1. Shayla,
          I would love a treadmill desk!!!! I believe we have a faculty member here on campus who actually did just that and installed a treadmill in his office…
          I think I am going to look into the Fitbit and test it out.

  2. Okay, I thought I was super active today, and I ONLY walked 6,806 steps 🙁 Tomorrow I think I am going to have to really step it up!

  3. My total steps= 8,284. Not quite to 10,000 but my count didn’t include jazzercise, so I’m thinking I probably hit the target!!!

  4. Ok, I have completed 9317 steps today and I am worn out.
    Never realized how much I walk when I am with my nursing students at the hospital. Wonder what this equals in feet (or miles!).

  5. Well, my pedometer flew off of me a few times yesterday & I noticed at the end of the day it was long gone. Just started the challenge and it’s gone 🙁
    So far this morning i’m above 6,000 steps – thanks for the estimation guide for miles (i’ll have to estimate until I get a new pedometer).

  6. Between walking to get to and from the Sprinter, making extra trips and taking the long way to get things done around the library, and going to the gym after work I made it to 13,164 steps. I get the feeling I won’t be posting numbers like that very often, though. 😉

  7. Is this the correct place to record steps? I had 10,523 steps yesterday, and to work to get there, being at a desk most of the day.

  8. Okay guys, yesterday I put my pedometer on at 11 and by 2:30 I knocked it off and the clip broke (at that point I was at 2,000 steps). I guesstimate I did about 7,000 steps yesterday. Today I am ahead of the game though, I ran 3 .5 miles, but since I didn’t have my pedometer, I’m not sure how many steps I’m at 🙂

  9. Took 3846 steps today. Not as much as yesterday though. Sat at my desk most of the day. Thanks for the estimation of steps per mile.

  10. I found my pedometer, so the challenge is back on for me!!!! I’m thinking of walking/running the track after work to get in some extra steps if anyone is interested? I need to take advantage of my pedometer, before I lose it again.

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