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10,000 steps results: Wednesday 9/11/13

Day 3 of the challenge!

There is a request to get some information together about when everyone is taking walks throughout the day.  So, please respond to this post with your total steps for the day AND when you walk around campus.  Let’s try to get some walking groups together!

Click the link below to access a campus walking map with  mapped walks and the distance for each. Take a walk around the campus today:  Palomar Walking Map

6 comments on “10,000 steps results: Wednesday 9/11/13

  1. David Rice on

    10712 steps. I typically do laps at the track during lunch and if it is too hot I do stairs in one of the new buildings. After work I either walk or spend time jogging on the dread mill.

  2. Jamila Schmidt on

    Had a sick child this week so yesterday was the first opportunity to track and I did 6075. Making it a goal to increase by 500 more each day next week!


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