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10,000 steps a day challenge: Friday 9/13/13

Day 5 of the 10,000 steps a day challenge.

This is the end of the first week of the challenge.  Although I hope you continue walking over the weekend, you won’t be posting your steps.  However, you can include them with your step count on Monday if you’d like to!!!

Walking shoes: Features and fit that keep you moving

So, how did you do today?  And, how did the first week go?

3 comments on “10,000 steps a day challenge: Friday 9/13/13

  1. Pai Wang-Smith on

    Just want to share this funny bit with all of you. I clipped the pedometer on my 15 months old daughter last night. She did 458 steps in 20 minutes. No wonder I got tired after chasing her for an hour. So I guess I need to move like her to keep up the stips :O


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