10,000 steps a day challenge: Monday 9/16/13

Day 1 of week 2

Here is the start to the 2nd week out of the 10-week challenge.  I love the start of a new week, it is like a new beginning.  If you struggled last week it’s ok, because today is another fresh start.

So, how did you do?

6 responses to “10,000 steps a day challenge: Monday 9/16/13

  1. Marilee Nebelsick-Tagg

    HI, I am good at doing the steps, but not at posting the results. Here are my step numbers for the last few days.
    Wednesday 15071
    Thursday 15175
    Friday 15225
    Saturday 13511
    Sunday 15635. Marilee

  2. Saturday 13449
    Sunday 8733
    Monday 6683

  3. 8838, starting off the week better than last!

  4. 5,500 +/- all in high heels…now if I can just remember to keep the pedometer on when I walk the dog after work!

  5. 11,638 today
    I’m realizing that I barely move on the weekends. I really need to change that!

  6. 8634

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