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Author: Kelly Falcone

Palomar College Associate Professor Health and Kinesiology

Final Biggest Loser Results for Spring 2017

Week 10… The FINAL Results!

We lost a combined total of 311 pounds!!!!

Although there were some changes in the top teams throughout the challenge, the Apathy Avengers held strong to the end an lost an AMAZING 13.38% weight loss!!!!!  A big congratulations to Kendyl Magnuson, Debra Doerfler, Michelle LaVigueur, and Carol Moore!!!

Team Results:

Place Team Name Percentage loss
1st Apathy Avengers! -13.38%
2nd Shrinky Dinks -5.81%
3rd 3 Gorditos -4.85%
4th Transformers -3.95%
5th DRC Divas -3.17%
6th Campus Steppers -2.06%
7th Thinning the Herd -1.84%
8th MMC -1.74%
9th Flab-u-less! -1.10%
10th Journey to Lose -0.78%
11th Team TTCJ -0.65%
12th Iron Maidens -0.20%

Individual Results:

As you can imagine, many of the top losers were on the Apathy Avengers! Congratulations for Carol Moore and Kendyl Magnuson, our top male and female loser!

Place Name % Loss
1st Carol Moore -14.35%
2nd Kendyl Magnuson -14.21%
3rd Debra Doerfler -13.51%
4th Michelle LaVigueur -11.45%
5th Tricia Bravo -11.07%
6th Leon Springer -10.10%
7th Devonay Olson-Goodman -7.17%
8th Juan Gonzalez -6.08%
9th Suzanne Sebring -5.15%
10th Beth Hicks -5.13%
11th Casey Koss -4.92%
12th Judy Gervasio -4.81%
13th Abby Corona -4.60%
14th Christine Winterle -4.56%
15th Julie Robinson -4.23%

Biggest Loser- Week 7 Results

Week 7

There have been some changes to the top three (3) teams this week. Great work Apathy Avengers!, Shrinky Dinks and Transformers!  The results are somewhat skewed as we had a lot of people that did not weigh in this week.  Please…make sure you weigh-in each week, as the accountability does make a difference and you will revert to your heaviest/starting weight if you do not weigh in.  Due to the large percentage of people who did not weigh in, we have reverted in our overall weight loss (we can’t count you if you don’t weigh in!)  We have now lost a combined total of 209.9 pounds!

Team Results:

Team Average % loss
Apathy Avengers! -9.82%  (WOW!)
Shrinky Dinks -3.70%
Transformers -2.70%
DRC Divas -2.18%
Thinning the Herd -2.16%
Campus Steppers -2.04%
3 Gorditos -1.44%
MMC -1.29%
Journey to Lose -1.22%
Flab-u-less! -0.67%
Team TTCJ 0.00%
Iron Maidens 0.76%


Individual Results:

Top 10 losers were…

Name % loss
Kendyl Magnuson -11.38%
Carol Moore -10.37%
Debra Doerfler -10.20%
Tricia Bravo -8.17%
Michelle LaVigueur -7.32%
Devonay Olson-Goodman -6.55%
Mea Daum -5.85%
Rachel Miller -4.56%
Suzanne Sebring -4.51%
Beth Hicks -3.91%


Healthy Tip of the Week… 30-Day Challenge!

Today is April 14th, starting tomorrow April 15th we have 27 days left!  This is (almost) the perfect amount of time for a 30-day challenge!!!  

Try the 30-Day Shape Slim Down Challenge!


If you’re not interested in this challenge there are MANY more 30-day challenges you could try!  Just do a google search for 30-day challenges!  Or you could download a 30-day challenge app to your phone!

Question for you:
What 30-day challenge will you commit to?

Awesome Carlsbad 5000!

We had an awesome time at the Carlsbad 5000!  Thank you to everyone who walked and ran while representing Palomar College. 

Here are some pics from the event:

2017 Carlsbad 5000

Join team “Palomar TEAM LIFE” for the Carlsbad 5000:

This Spring we will once again have a TEAM LIFE team participating in the Carlsbad 5000!  The race is scheduled for Sunday April 2nd.  There are several different start times for the race depending on gender, age, and level.  Most of the TEAM LIFE members will be participating in the race at 9:10am called the “People’s Walk.”

When you register please be sure to click on “Team Registration”and then “Join an Existing Team”.  Our team name is “Palomar TEAM LIFE”.

Click on the image to register

TEAM LIFE Goodie Bag for race participants:

Each TEAM LIFE team member gets a TEAM LIFE goodie bag which includes a t-shirt, bag, and water bottle.  If you have not already received your TEAM LIFE goodie bag please let us know by emailing Terri Wallace ( with your name and your t-shirt size.

You do not have to be an official TEAM LIFE team member to receive the goodie bag.  We know several people have registered for the event, but did not select the TEAM LIFE team.

Our team:

Employees currently signed up under the TEAM LIFE team are the following:

(if you are signed up but not listed below, please email Kelly Falcone ( to be added to the list.  It just means you didn’t select our team… but that’s ok!)

First Name Last Name
Bernie Bongolan
Jose Fernandez
Gennalyn Bongolan
Glyn Bongolan
José Briceño
Bonnie Corbin
james corbin
John Corbin
Wendy corbin
Amber Cross
Celina De La Torre
Shanon Dreyer
Vanessa Dreyer
Kelly Falcone
Brian Gaines
Gordana High
David Lingner
Michelle Musacchia
Patrick OBrien
Sean OBrien
Michelle Ramos Pellicia
Deanna Shoop
Buddy Springer

Here’s a look at the fun from 2016:

Biggest Loser! Let’s do this!

We are so excited to see all the returning and new participants to our annual Biggest Loser weight loss challenge.  Here is some information for a successful experience in this weight loss challenge:

List of Participants and Teams:

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Please talk with your team members and choose a team name (email Suzanne Sebring with your team name).

Weigh-in Times:

All weigh-ins will be held on Thursdays in the HS building, room 202 from 12:30-4:30 pm.  The nursing department will be working collaboratively with Team Life this year to provide the weigh-ins and results analysis. For make-up appointments, call Julie Robinson at ext. 3713 or Terri Wallace at ext. 2250.  The initial weigh-in will take place on Thursday, February 23rd and the final weigh-in will take place on Thursday, May 4th.

What information will you receive each week?

Each week we will post the weekly results based on the average percentage weight loss of your team.  We will also highlight the top individual losers based on percentage of weight loss.

We will also share with you tips for healthy activities that can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

What are the rewards for winners?

There will be cash awards for top male/female winners + additional team prizes.  Stay tuned for an update on the team awards!

Tips to help you succeed on this behavior change challenge:

  • Work with your team members!  Having a weight loss buddy is incredibly helpful for keeping you accountable to your weight loss goals.
  • Use apps such as MyFitnessPal to track your calories and activity.
  • Set Specific Realistic Measurable weekly goals that you hope to achieve to reach your final goal AND record your progress!

If you have questions, comments or ideas for helping our participants succeed, please comment below!

Biggest loser Spring 2017 Sign Ups

We hope you will join us for our annual Biggest Loser challenge!  To sign-up for the challenge you can complete the following form, or you can sign-up in person at the employee Health fair on Wednesday February 22nd, 2017, from 11am-1pm.

We have lost a lot of weight in this challenge!  Since the first challenge in the Spring of 2008 we have lost a total of 2,320 lbs!

  • Spring 2008 (56 participants)= 442 lbs lost
  • Fall 2008 (36 participants)= 208 lbs lost
  • Spring 2009 (52 participants)= 243 lbs lost
  • Spring 2010 (48 particpants)= 248 lbs lost
  • Spring 2011 (48 participants)= 241 lbs lost
  • Spring 2012 (22 participants)= 152 lbs lost
  • Fall 2012 (32 participants)= 271 lbs lost
  • Spring 2013 (18 participants) = 116 lbs lost
  • Spring 2014 (33 participants)= 215lbs
  • Fall 2014 (41 participants)= 93lbs
  • Spring 2015 (31 participants)= 83.2lbs
  • Spring 2016 (30 participants) = 256.6 lbs

Results are based on the percentage of weight that you lose.  So, if you take your change in weight and divide it by your starting weight that is how your percentage is calculated.  click here for a chart of WEIGHT LOSS PERCENTAGES

Would you like a little journal to help you keep track of your progress?  Click here to printout the TEAM LIFE Biggest Loser journal: BIGGEST LOSER participant journal

The scale we use doesn’t only measure your weight, but also your Body Mass Index (BMI), %Body Fat, % muscle, Resting Metabolism, Body Age, and Visceral fat.  Click here for more information on these scores.

Please complete the following form to sign up:

What an awesome Grape Day 5k!!!

This morning we had about 30 Palomar College employees wake up early on a Saturday to represent Palomar in our community while increasing our wellness!  

Take a look:

Please join us on our next TEAM LIFE 5k day!

Grape Day 5k Team “Palomar TEAM LIFE”

We will once again we participating in the Grape Day 5k!  Last year we had about 30 participants and we hope to have an even better showing this year.

To register for the event go to:

When you register, please join team “Palomar TEAM LIFE”

As with all of our 5k events, participants will be given a TEAM LIFE swag bag with a backpack, water bottle, towel, and red TEAM LIFE t-shirt.

Here’s a pic from last year… you don’t want to miss out on the fun!


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