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Join Team Palomar in the Relay For Life of Vista

I wanted to let you know about another important event.  A member of our campus community, Rocco Versaci, is a two-time cancer survivor (2003 & 2013). In between, he biked across the country, and his book about that ride and his first experience with cancer—That Hidden Road—is coming out this October. He will be a featured speaker at the American Cancer Society’s “Relay for Life of Vista” on July 16 & 17, and is assembling a team for the 24-hour walk. Team Life wants to show our support by joining in this cause.

Great Divide

Team Palomar will participate in the Relay for Life and we’d love to see as many campus community members out there as possible. This is a fundraising effort for the American Cancer Society and any donation through our team will be deeply appreciated.  However, participation is our main focus. 

Please sign up to be part of our team!  Let’s support Rocco and all of the members of our community that have been touched, in some way, by cancer.  We have Palomar Team Life shirts, backpacks, towels and water bottles that we will distribute to participants.  As the date of the event gets closer, we will take a look at how many team members we have and decide on the relay schedule.

To join Team Palomar in the Relay For Life of Vista, click on the link below and “Join Our Team.”  This will lead you through the registration process.

Thank you!


Join Team Palomar for the 2016 5K West Coast SCADaddle for Research

I’d like to let you know about Team Life’s kick-off activity for the fall. We chose this event in support of one of our own, Marti Snyder, who survived SCAD this year.


Join us for a 5K fun run/walk to raise money for research on Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection (SCAD).  SCAD is a type of a heart attack, not associated with the typical risk factors of heart disease. 

Unlike the typical heart attack, SCAD is relatively uncommon and often impacts younger, otherwise healthy individuals. SCAD occurs more often in women than men and can be fatal.  Research is needed to identify the cause(s) and the best treatment options.

The fun run/walk will take place in beautiful Carlsbad, CA.  We will start at Aqua Hedionda Lagoon (4200 Garfield Street, Carlsbad) – North Shore Hubbs Trail and end at The Discovery Center (1580 Cannon Road, Carlsbad).  There will be vendors, a silent auction and fun for all!

Shuttles will be available to take you back to your vehicle. 

Mayo Clinic SCAD Research Presentation After 5K

Dr. Sharonne Hayes, SCAD Research Program Team Lead from Mayo Clinic (Rochester, MN), will present the latest SCAD research findings at 1:00pm at the Discovery Center.  All are welcome.  

Click the link below to join Team Palomar for the 2016 5K West Coast SCADaddle for Research to be held on September 10, 2016.  If you would like to participate, the fee is $30.00 for age 13 and over and $15.00 for ages 6-12.  Team Life will provide participants with a Palomar Team Life shirt, backpack and water bottle and we’ll collaborate in advance and make a really fun day of it!

A few of us have downloaded the “Couch to 5K” app, which offers daily instruction/motivation to slowly get you ready for the 5K. Team Life has enjoyed great participation this year. Let’s keep up the energy, get Palomar out there in the community, and support some great causes. If you have an event you’d like to see Palomar get involved in, through Team Life, please let me or another member of Team Life know.

Enjoy your summer!


Biggest Loser Results – Week #9

We’re on the home stretch and the losing continues.  Push hard this week and let’s finish strong!

 As a group we are down 228.4 lbs!

  • Week #1 = 106.9 lbs lost
  • Week #2 = 149.8 lbs lost
  • Week #3 = 163.6 lbs lost
  • Week #4 = 187.8 lbs lost
  • Week #5 = 208.3 lbs lost
  • Week #7 = 188.1 lbs lost
  • Week #8 = 211.2 lbs lost
  • Week #9 = 228.4 lbs lost

Here are the week #9 TEAM results.  We’re about the cross the finish line and Lipid Liquidators still have the lead!

Week #9 Results!
Team #/Name % Loss
1st Team 4 – Lipid Liquidators -10.11%
2nd Team 1 – Couch Potato Reformists United -6.36%
3rd Team 8 – Mini-Mees! -3.70%
4th Team 7 – Waist Management -3.02%
5th Team 3 – The Flab-u-less Four -2.00%
6th Team 6 – Loco Mamas -1.73%
7th Team 5 – Buncha Losers -1.25%
8th Team 2 – 3 Beach Babes and a Lifeguard -0.98%
9th Team 11 – Divas of Palomar (DOP) -0.07%
10th Team 9 – Weapons of A$$ Destruction 0.00%
11th Team 10 – Marketing Marvels 0.11%
12th Team 12 – Mission Slimpossible 2.50%

The top ten losers to date:

Week #9 Top Losers
1st Susan Rogers -12.38%
2nd Kendyl Magnuson -11.84%
3rd Liliana Martinez -10.82%
4th Ulises Nava -10.59%
5th Debra Doerfler -9.61%
6th Cynthia Cordova -9.03%
7th Leann Pell -6.67%
8th Terri Wallace -5.63%
9th Juan Gonzalez -3.97%
10th Tricia Pavlovics -3.74%

As a reminder, if you do not weigh in your weight is entered as your starting weight which means you contribute a 0% change for your team.

Next week is our final weigh in!  Be sure to weigh in on Tuesday.  If you will be out for any reason, weigh in prior to Tuesday or your results will not count for your team.

Also, remember to sign up for the free biometric screening hosted by Team Life & Human Resource Services.  You’ll gain some great information and it is free for all employees.  If you’re a full time Palomar employee enrolled in our insurance program, you will also receive a cash reward of $30 if you make an appointment ($15 if you just walk in that day)!  There is a link in the flyer below to register and set up your appointment.

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