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Biggest Loser Spring 2014

The Palomar Faculty/Staff weight loss competition!!!!

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BIGGEST LOSER participant journal_coverThe Biggest Loser Challenge Spring 2014!

  • Biggest Loser will begin Thursday, February 13th
  • Find two friends to compete in a team of 3 and sign up together
  • Cost = $60 per team
  • Weigh-in beginning on Thursday, 2/13
    • Choose your weigh-in place/time:
      • 2/13/14 TEAM LIFE PD workshop: Weight Management 4-5pm
      • With Kelly (office O-19):  9-10am
      • With Suzanne Sebring (office A-4C3) : 9am-2pm
      • With Terri Wallace (TCA): 8-9:30am
  • Top team gets a year membership to the WFC
  • Top male and top female will earn an award
  • Weigh-in on Thursdays.  Initial weigh-in on 2/13.
  • Remaining weigh-ins: 2/20, 2/27, 3/6, 3/13, spring break, 3/27, 4/3, 4/10, 4/17

We have lost a lot of weight in this challenge.

Since the first challenge in the Spring of 2008 we have lost a total of 1,921 lbs!

  • Spring 2008 (56 participants)= 442 lbs lost
  • Fall 2008 (36 participants)= 208 lbs lost
  • Spring 2009 (52 participants)= 243 lbs lost
  • Spring 2010 (48 particpants)= 248 lbs lost
  • Spring 2011 (48 participants)= 241 lbs lost
  • Spring 2012 (22 participants)= 152 lbs lost
  • Fall 2012 (32 participants)= 271 lbs lost
  • Spring 2013 (18 participants) = 116 lbs lost

Please check back here for details on our next challenge!  To see past challenge results check out the TEAM LIFE accomplishments page

Results are based on the percentage of weight that you lose.  So, if you take your change in weight and divide it by your starting weight that is how your percentage is calculated.  click here for a chart of WEIGHT LOSS PERCENTAGES

Would you like a little journal to help you keep track of your progress?  Click here to printout the TEAM LIFE Biggest Loser journal: BIGGEST LOSER participant journal

The scale we use doesn’t only measure your weight, but also your Body Mass Index (BMI), %Body Fat, % muscle, Resting Metabolism, Body Age, and Visceral fat.  Click here for more information on these scores.

Tell us your goal for the challenge and how you will reach it!  What changes are you going to make?  Do you need a workout buddy?  Here is a place for us all to connect!  Just add a reply


6 comments on “Biggest Loser Spring 2014

  1. Karmi Minor-Flores on

    I have a team of three, but I’m not on campus on the 13th and too far to get there on time. Could I please weigh in on the 12th?


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