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Week 5 of the 10,000 steps a day challenge!

Are you doing other exercise besides walking and would like to convert it to steps?

For example, according to

“Question: How do you convert time on a bike to steps? I have a Schwinn airdyne.

Answer:  If you have a Schwinn airdyne that has a calorie readout, then all you need to know is that walking one mile is equivalent (approximately) to burning 100 calories. If you exercise on your Schwinn airdyne long enough to burn 100 calories, that is like walking 2000 steps. To burn the equivalent of walking 10,000 steps, you would have to exercise long enough to burn 500 calories.”

WSJ Video: Do You Need 10,000 Steps a Day to Stay Healthy?

10,000 steps a day challenge: Friday 9/20/13

Last day of week 2

Did you know that the city of San Marcos offers weekend hikes lead my their city trail experts?  This would be a great way to learn about the trails available around Palomar while also earning more steps!

So, how did you do today?   And, overall how did your second week go?