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Week 7 of the 10,000 steps a day challenge!

How did you do during week 7?

Healthy Life Newsletter

Here is the link to the April edition of the Healthy Life Newsletter.  Included this month are tips for riding your bike to work, healthy eating information on seeds, and much more.  Enjoy!

April Healthy Life Newsletter

March Healthy Life Newsletter

The link for the March Healthy Life Newsletter provided by Health Dimensions is available below.  Click and enjoy!

March Healthy Life Newsletter

How to subscribe to the TEAM LIFE Blog

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Here is handy “how to” sheet with the three steps to subscribe to the TEAM LIFE feed.

TEAM LIFE Fall 2012 activities!

Are you ready to get healthy?  TEAM LIFE is here to help you!

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Are you currently exercising at least 30 minutes 5 days per week? My guess is that you may need a little push to meet that goal. So, why not join us
for some workouts at work?

  • Wednesdays 7-8am Circuit Training (aerobics room G-8)
    • These classes involve a circuit of 12-15 different exercises involving both cardio and strength training. This class accommodates all exercise levels, so everyone is welcome!
  • Fridays 12-1pm JAZZERCISE (aerobics room, G-8)
    • On Fridays we are again offering a free Jazzercise class. Jazzercise is a class the combines Jazz dance with aerobics. It’s a fun and great workout.
  • One-on-One appointment at the Wellness Fitness Center: Exercise design assistance
    • Do you need help setting up a program in the WFC? Set up a One-on-One appointment to start on the right track. Just fill out a request on our Blog and Professor Falcone will meet with you and help you get started on the right track!

Join our Biggest Loser challenge for a fun way to work toward your goal weight.

  • Biggest Loser challenge
    • Weekly Wednesday Weigh-in for 10 weeks, September 5th-November 14th.
    • You will join with a weight loss partner and compete as a team. Weight loss will be calculated by your weight loss percentage. The average percentage lost between you and your partner will be used each week to assess your progress.
    • Cost: $30 for each team of 2.
    • Award: The top three teams will win a cash prize. Prize amount will be determined by the number of participants.


STAFF: You get an extra 15 minutes for participating in an exercise class!!

Staff:  Did you know your contract says you can get an extra 15 minutes off at lunch or the beginning/end of the day if you participate in an exercise class?
“Lunch Periods: When an employee has been scheduled to work six hours, the employee shall be entitled to an uninterrupted lunch period. The length of time for such lunch period shall be for a period of one (1) hour or one-half (1/2) hour and shall be scheduled for part- or full-time employees at or about mid-point of each work shift. Lunch periods shall be scheduled with input from employees. An employee’s lunch period may be extended up to a maximum of an additional fifteen (15) minutes if the employee actually participates in an exercise class during the scheduled lunch period. The employee shall submit written verification of actual participation in the exercise class to the employee’s immediate supervisor.
In lieu of any extension of an employee’s lunch period for actual participation in an exercise class, an employee may be granted paid release time up to maximum of an additional fifteen (15) minutes at the beginning or at the end of the workday if the employee actually participates in an exercise class during either time period. An employee must obtain prior written approval from the employee’s immediate supervisor. Actual participation in an exercise class must require the employee to be no more than fifteen (15) minutes late to work, or must require the employee to leave work no more than fifteen (15) minutes early.  The employee shall submit written verification of actual participation in the exercise class to the employee’s immediate supervisor. An employee may participate in only one exercise class per day that requires an extension of the lunch period, a late reporting to work or an early departure from work.”

PD hours for TEAM LIFE activities!

Did you know you can get Professional Development hours for attending TEAM LIFE activities?

The PD Advisory Board voted earlier this semester to allow a maximum of four hours per semester of TEAM Life activities under PD code #40 (Self-Designed, Arranged).

Lunchtime Walks?

I would like to start offering lunchtime walks on Mon/Tue/Wed at noon.  If I can get a group together for this I will offer to take you on a  good walk around campus and add in some strength exercises too!  Just comment to this post if you’re interested!  If at least three people commit then I am in!!!!

  • What?   Walks
  • When?  Mon/Tue/Wed at noon
  • Where?  meet at the clock tower at 12pm

Would you come to a Wednesday morning circuit training class?

I am thinking about starting up a Wednesday morning circuit training class, but I need to find out if anyone will join me! (smile)

So, please comment and let me know if you would be interested in a circuit training class Wednesday mornings at 7am.  The class will consist of several different strength and cardio exercises.  You are able to work at your own intensity and we can modify any exercises for you, so it truly is for everyone!

Just comment and let me know!  pass this on to your friends!  If we get about 8 people interested then we will get started on an awesome workout!

Spring 2012 TEAM LIFE activities: Biggest Loser and FREE Fitness Classes

Click here for our TEAM LIFE Spring 2012 flyers:  The Biggest Loser Competition and the FREE Employee Fitness Classes

Will you be joining us for the challenge or fitness classes?