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March Health Dimensions Newsletter

This newsletter is full of well-being tips, recipes, and articles on subjects of interest to all, such as “Success over Stress.”  Access this resource by clicking on the link below:


Health Dimensions Expo

TEAM LIFE takes great pleasure in presenting the fourth annual Health Dimensions Expo on February 20, 2014, 11:00am to 1:00pm in the AA/ST Courtyard on the San Marcos campus.  All staff and faculty are invited to attend, browse the many booths, get your raffle card punched, pick up some free goodies and enjoy a fun time with some healthy learning overtones!  For those who are joining the Biggest Loser Challenge, this will also be a weigh-in site.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Healthy Life Newsletter

Check out the June Healthy Life Newsletter.  It is full of great suggestions, including a bunch of free or practically free ways to get fit.

June Healthy Life Newsletter

Healthy Life Newsletter

Attached is the May edition of the Healthy Life Newsletter.  This edition includes tips for getting in shape with very little time commitment!  Take a look at the cover article, “Can You Take a HIT?”  It explains how this is done:

The 6-second bursts are one of the shortest sprint durations ever used in high-intensity training (HIT). HIT involves short bursts of intense exercise and achieves similar results to long-distance endurance training.  However, the method is much less time consuming and comes with a lower risk of injury, making it ideal for athletes wishing to remain injury free. 2013 SD.pdf

A Free Worldwide Online Screening Event Helping You Create The Life, Health and Body You Deserve!

A Biggest Loser participant thought members of the group and our Team Life community would like to know about this free, worldwide event.  Dr. Mercola and David Wolfe are among many others that are in the film teaching us about healthier living.  Click on the link below to register for this free event.  Let’s get healthy!

Hungry For Change

Tips from fellow Biggest Loser participants…

One of the main things we all need to do is move.  Work is quite sedintary for many of us and modern convenience makes it too easy to ride rather than walk.  Some Spring 13 Biggest Loser participants recommend the following:

  • Walk Daley Ranch in Escondido
  • Walk Double Peak in San Marcos (I’m told a bit more of a hike)

Let’s get moving…let’s get healthy!

“Biggest Loser” TV participants: Diet + Exercise best for weight loss!

“NIH Confirms ‘Biggest Loser’ Method Works: A National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases senior investigator and colleagues analyzed data from 11 participants on the reality TV show. They concluded diet matters more for weight loss than intensive exercise, and more moderate lifestyle changes are enough to keep the weight off.”

Click above to read the full article.

What do you think?  What has helped you most to lose those unwanted pounds?  For me I can honestly tell you that only working out a lot did NOT do it for me.  For me, it has been about changing what I choose to eat.  How about you?

Keep a fitness and nutrition journal!

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Here is an easy to use journal to help you keep track of your progress.  Print it out and staple it together.  It is a half-fold brochure made to be printed double-sided.

Wednesday morning circuit training and Biggest Loser are underway!

The Biggest Loser competition is in full swing with week #2 weigh-ins tomorrow.  We have already lost 33 lbs as a group and are looking forward to another 30 this week!

We also have 3 FREE exercises classes each week!

  •   2 yoga classes each week- Wednesday 5:15pm and Friday at noon
  • Circuit training workout- Wednesdays 7am