Fitness Activities

Employee Fitness Activities

Every semester TEAM LIFE brings you several different fitness activities.  Please check the semester newsletter for dates and times.

Two favorite fitness activities are Jazzercise and Circuit Training, If you are not sure what they are take a look below:

What is Jazzercise?

Jazzercise is a combination of dance and aerobics. (click here to see what Jazzercise is)

What is a Circuit training class?

For circuit training there are 12-15 different strength and cardio stations setup around the room.  Each person will start at a different station and everyone rotates after a set amount of time.  This type of class accommodates ALL fitness levels!  You can workout at your own pace at each station.

I am open to any suggestions you have for classes or other exercise activities. Please us the comment field at the bottom of the page if you have suggestions or maybe just want to get a group together to walk.

11 responses to “Fitness Activities

  1. Any chance of Yoga, but on Fridays , this time, since so many of us have that day available

    • Kelly Falcone

      Hi Mary,
      We had Yoga on Fridays but only a few people showed up and we also lost our volunteer instructor, so we had to make an adjustment.

  2. Jennie Vastola

    Wow – I”m excited about the Jazzercise and Zumba classes!
    Looking forward to participating in some of them!
    Jennie Vastola

  3. Suzanne Sebring

    I’m so happy the college offers this type of program. What a benefit! I’ve already joined the fitness center and look forward to the morning/lunchtime activities. The Biggest Loser challenge is also something I’ll be up for. If anyone wants to team up, let me know.

  4. Michelle Tucker

    When are the Fall 12 Jazzercise classes starting?

  5. Suzanne Sebring

    I noticed you had Zumba in the past. Did that not work out?

  6. anyone interested in friday walks after work?

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