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Marathon Training

Would you like to compete in a marathon or half-marathon?  Would you like to find a training partner?

Here is a place to find links to training schedules online and to find other like-minded employees at Palomar!  If you would like to take on this challenge please leave a comment below and get connected with others!

You can start with 1-mile and work your way up to the ultimate goal of a marathon.

Marathon Training programs:

4 comments on “Marathon Training

  1. Tania on

    I’m not interested in marathons, but i love running and think it would be fun to train. If anyone would like to run after work let me know? I think someone should start a running/walking club (after work) 🙂

  2. Elena Ibarra on

    If anyone is interested in doing a run/walk on a trail meet us at San Elijo Ridgeline trail.
    This is a 6 miles out and back trail run. The parking space is in front of the Double Peak 8k School.

    Just at the light where Twin Oaks Valley Rd. changes name to San Elijo Rd.


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