10,000 Steps a Day Challenge

This challenge is about moving more throughout the entire day!


To join this challenge simply comment below and commit to joining the challenge.

Once you have committed you will be sent a pedometer in campus mail.

The challenge will run for 10 weeks starting September 9th and ending November 15th.

This challenge is as east as 1-2-3!

Each day just visit this blog and respond to the daily 10,000 steps post!


88 responses to “10,000 Steps a Day Challenge

  1. I’m in!

  2. i would really like to join this! I hope the pedometer isn’t flimsy like the last free one I tried at a street fair

  3. Debbie Cheesman

    I’m in too!

  4. I’m in.

  5. It’s time to get motivated and get moving!

  6. Count me in, please!

  7. Okay!

  8. I’d like to keep track of my steps per day. I want to get in better shape; so I can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    • Absolutely Vandy, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is what TEAM LIFE is all about. Time to get moving- 10,000 steps/day!

  9. I enjoyed it the last time and definitely want to participate again.

  10. i am in!

  11. Count me in! :)

  12. April Cunningham

    I’m committed and looking forward to it. :)

  13. I’m in! Where? When? How? (I know the why!) :)

  14. I’m in…and super curious as to how many steps I do take per day!

  15. Michelle LaVigueur

    I would like to join – thanks!

  16. Christine Winterle

    Count me in, can’t wait to start stepping :)

  17. I’ll try it. I have been having a serious back issue that can be very painful. I want to become more active again and get in better shape. I’m hoping that will help my back.

    • Suzanne Sebring

      I think walking is a great way to get back into exercise. I hope it will help your back. My mom has some serious back issues and walking and swimming really helped her.

  18. Yeah! Was just commenting to my hubby how I wanted to start working on this goal and start tracking. I’m in!

    • Suzanne Sebring

      I think it’s a great goal! It definitely makes you aware of how much you’re moving. Simple things like parking further away in the parking lot can really help with getting in those extra steps.

  19. Me too!

  20. Looking forward to seeing just how much I do walk every day. Thanks.

    • Suzanne Sebring

      I don’t think we really have a good idea of how much we’re moving (or not moving) until we start tracking it. Thanks for joining!

  21. Marilee Nebelsick-Tagg

    Sounds like fun.

  22. I’m in please! I was just thinking last night that I needed to figure out a way to get motivated to get back to exercising more, and I was considering getting a pedometer!

  23. Sign me up!

  24. Please sign me up. Thanks!

  25. This will be fun.

  26. Great way to get people moving. Count me in.

  27. Sounds like fun. Sign me up.
    Thank you!!

  28. I wonder if Ulises can keep up with me.

  29. I think I’ll give it a go. I blame my “bad knee” for not doing things, but maybe I can do it and don’t know it. Won’t know till I try.

  30. Count me in. I need to get out from behind the desk more often during the day and this will remind me. I’ll also take steps after work to reach the 10,000, wether it’s walking, running, treadmill, etc…

  31. Count me in!

  32. Vesna Stojanovich

    Got to join Pai, so please sign me up!

  33. This is great; I’m in!

  34. I’m definitely in!!!! Thanks for the challenge :)

  35. Very cool – I’m in!

  36. OK. Sign me up!

  37. I am in! Let’s go folks!!

  38. Walk…Walk…Walk

  39. I`d love to try this too. Since I walk all day at work, I`d love to see how much I really do walk at work and at home. Thank you.

  40. I’m in this and ready to go.

  41. I hope I am not too late. I didn’t pay attention to this email when it came by. I am up for it. Joan and I have been walking through the Summer.

  42. 4,921 steps. Not too bad considering my ped disintergrated Saturday when I dropped it on concrete and my new ped from Amazon was waiting on the table when I got home.

  43. hey! could we put together a list of folks who are walking where when with a meeting place?

  44. Sept 9th – 6345 steps

  45. I would love to join the team and count my steps everyday. Thanks for providing the pedometer.

  46. I’m in =)

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