Your Palomar College Employee Wellness Committee


Welcome to TEAM LIFE!

We are your employee wellness committee.  We are dedicated to the Health and Wellness of our Faculty and Staff.  We are here to create a culture of wellness on our campus and provide the activities, motivation, incentives, and education to help you live a long happy healthy life.

Role: To provide opportunity for achieving mind, body, social, and spiritual wellness. To cultivate positive change in a supportive campus community environment.
Product: Offer faculty and staff health screenings, social events, workshops, health lectures, weight managementprograms in support of workplace wellness. Also, TEAM LIFE will work towards offering programs to improve employee morale and help adopt healthy lifestyles thus reducing time missed from work and worker’s comp claims.
Reporting Relationship: Human Resource Services Planning Council

Our committee members:

TEAM LIFE Co-Chairs:
Wendy Corbin
Marti Snyder

  • 2 Faculty representatives appointed by Faculty Senate:
    • Elena Villa Fernandez de Castro:  Spanish
    • Candace Rose: Cinema
  • 2 Administrative Association representatives appointed by the AA
    • Scott Cathcart: Athletic Director
    • OPEN
  • 2 Classified Unit Employee representatives appointed by CCE/AFT
    • OPEN
    • Christie Sifferman: Administrative Specialist II
  • 2 Confidential and Supervisory Team representatives appointed by CAST
    • OPEN
    • OPEN
  • One representative from Health Services
    • OPEN
  • One representative from PE/Athletics
    • Kelly Falcone: Health & Kinesiology
  • One representative from HR (benefits committee)
    • Wendy Corbin: Benefits Specialist (co-chair)
  • One representative from HRSPC
    • Shawna Cohen: HRSPC
  • One representative from Health and Safety department
    • Derrick Johnson: Supervisor, Environmental Health & Safety

TEAM LIFE Gov Structure updated 2012


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