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The Tenure & Evaluations Office is located at AA-112
Office Hours:  Monday-Friday 8:30am-3:00pm

Tenure and Evaluations Coordinator: Barb Neault Kelber, x2402 or x2981
Tenure and Evaluations Administrative Secretary: Melissa Kloz, x2403

2014-15 Tenure and Evaluations Review Board Members:
Carol Bruton- Arts, Media, Business and Computing Systems
Sandra Andre- Career, Technical & Extended Education
Russ McDonald- Counseling or Library/Media Center or Student Programs
Melinda Carrillo- Languages & Literature
Susan Snow- Mathematics & the Natural & Health Sciences
Tamara Weintraub- Social and Behavioral Sciences
Christine Moore- Part-time Faculty
Shannon Lienhart- PFF appointed
Berta Cuaron- Vice President of Instruction


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