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Distance Education

Dear Colleagues,

Following the Accreditation site-visit of spring, 2009, the Tenure and Evaluations Review Board (TERB) worked closely with the Academic Technology Committee (ATC), in consultation with the Faculty Senate and the Palomar Faculty Federation (PFF), in order to create thoughtful and effective responses to the Recommendations of the Accreditation Team.

The results of that work are reflected in the most recent Accreditation document, the response to Recommendation #5 in the College’s Midterm Report, 2012:

Distance Education – Ensure Comparable Quality of Education
“To meet standards, the team recommends the College focus efforts on identifying processes to ensure the quality of instructional programs, especially the increasingly popular distance education courses, are consistent regardless of the location or delivery mode.”

In the “Site Team Exit Report” of April 2010, the Commission’s Evaluation Team described Palomar College’s approach to ensuring the quality of distance education courses as “a comprehensive holistic view toward [. . .] distance education development and delivery.” The Evaluation Team added that this approach “is noteworthy and should be considered as a model program for other colleges to use when developing or assessing their own distance education programs.”

This program consists of four elements. The College
1. validates the preparedness of faculty to teach online,
2. ensures regular, effective communication between online students and faculty,

3. improves continually the evaluation of online classes and online instruction, and

4. compares students’ achievements and successes in online with traditional, face-toface

In its Action Letter of June 2010, the Commission underscored the Evaluation Team’s conclusions and deemed Recommendation #5 “fully resolved.”

The goal of the Office of Tenure & Evaluations is to maintain the high standards established by the College’s response and to continue to ensure the quality of our instructional programs.

To find forms and resources for the evaluation of online instruction, go to Online Evaluation Forms.

Thanks very much,
Barb Neault Kelber
Tenure & Evaluations Coordinator