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2014-2015 Palomar Symphony Orchestra Season

Palomar Symphony Orchestra 2014-2015 Season

“Water Music: The Flow of Ideas, People, Spirit and Nature”

Music and water share many common properties: both are made up of single tiny moments or droplets, that combine to create waves, and both encompass the idea of flow. Dedicated to California’s ongoing drought, each concert will present pieces that were inspired by water, either directly or metaphorically.  Other pieces will accentuate music’s own tendencies to float ideas, both drifting and turbulent, from inception to the sea of shared human experience.

October 10-11: Water Music I – Flow of Ideas: Across the English Channel

These pieces were all composed by composers from Germany and Austria who made their way across the English Channel to find a home for their ideas.

Handel, Suite from Water Music

Mendelssohn, Overture, the Hebrides

Haydn, Symphony No. 104 (“London”)

November 21-22 Water Music II – Flow of People: American Waters (with Palomar Chamber Singers)

These pieces were all inspired by the geography of the United States, and the clash of old Native American, European and African cultures producing something entirely new

Sousa, Hands Across the Sea

Grofe, Mississippi Suite

Dvorak, Symphony No. 9, “From the New World”

March 14 Water Music III – Flow of the Spirit: Musical Emotions with special guest, Dr. Peter Gach, piano

Music that features the liquid flow of emotions, the tears of the displaced:  from fierce longing and homesickness, to the deep connections to important waterways under times of cultural repression.

Chopin, Piano Concerto No. 1

Smetana, The Moldau

By the Waters of Babylon/Flow My Tears

May 2015 TBA Water Music IV – Flow of the Wild: Humans living in harmony with Nature

As part of the PAD festival, the PSO is proud to feature the work of its own resident composer, Dr. Madelyn Byrne, and the exquisite performance of Concertmaster Ulli Reiner in an original violin concerto inspired by the Decorah Eagles and conservation efforts to save endangered species.

Giracello, Comet Overture

Byrne, Violin Concerto

Beethoven, Symphony No. 6 “Pastoral”PSO Director, Ellen Weller