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Dance – Emphasis in World Dance

Directed by Patriceann Mead; photo by Hugh CoxThe degree in Dance provides students with a background to begin upper-division work leading to a B.A. or B.F.A. in dance, and/or for continued training leading to a professional career in the field of dance and dance-related professions.  Both the degree and the certificate provide students with the basic skills necessary for involvement in community dance activities, such as teaching in recreation centers, YMCA’s or YWCA’s, private studios; or performing or choreographing for community events. This degree and certificate also prepares dancers for the entertainment industry such as Theme Park (Disney, Knotts Berry Farm, Legoland, Seaworld, Wild Animal Park . . .), MTV and a range for professional theatrical dance opportunities.  Transfer students should consult the four-year college or university catalog for specific requirements or see a Palomar College counselor.

A.A. Degree Major or Certificate of Achievement

Program Requirements
DNCE 101 Survey of World Dance 3
DNCE 145 Choreography I 3
DNCE 148 Palomar Drum and Dance Ensemble 2
DNCE 165 Production Management 2
DNCE 190 World Dance Production 2
DNCE 280 Student Choreography Production 3
Group I Electives – Afro-Cuban/Brazilian (Select any combination of four units)
DNCE 149 Afro-Cuban/Brazilian Dance I 1 – 3
DNCE 150 Afro-Cuban/Brazilian Dance II 1 – 3
DNCE 249 Afro-Cuban/Brazilian Dance III 1 – 3
DNCE 250 Afro-Cuban/Brazilian Dance IV 1 – 3
Group II Electives – Latin Social (Select any combination of four units)
DNCE 151 Latin Social Dance I 1 – 3
DNCE 152 Latin Social Dance II 1 – 3
DNCE 251 Latin Social Dance III 1 – 3
DNCE 252 Latin Social Dance IV 1 – 3
Group III Electives – Capoeira (Select any combination of three units)

For more information, visit the Dance section of the Palomar College Catalog and Palomar’s online class schedule.