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Applied Music Program

Palomar Performing Arts’ Applied Music Program is an integral component of the Music A.A. curriculum. Music majors are strongly encouraged to audition for the two-year Applied Music Program during their first semester at Palomar College. If selected for the program, students receive private lessons, practice on campus, and perform regularly: with a music ensemble; in the Performance Studies class; at bi-monthly recitals for family and community members (the number of recital performances contingent upon student’s level [1-4] in the program); at the Honors Recital for the semester’s final Concert Hour (if selected); and for a jury panel composed of faculty members during finals week.

MUS 220 Applied Music (2)
6 hours laboratory
Corequisite: MUS 222 and at least one music ensemble (MUS 134, 137, 138, 143,  147, 148, 149, 150, 151, 152, 155, 157, 158, 159, 172, 173, 184, 198)
Limitation on Enrollment: Enrollment subject to audition
Note: May be taken 4 times
Transfer acceptability: CSU; UC

Individual lessons with music instructor developing basic techniques in applied music. Student is required to practice on campus, be concurrently enrolled in a music ensemble, participate in Performance Studies class, and perform for music juries at the conclusion of the semester.

Sarah Jaka



MUS 222 PerformanceStudies (.5)
2 hours laboratory
Corequisite: MUS 220
Note: May be taken 4 times
Transfer acceptability: CSU; UC

A combination of private studio instruction in instrument or voice with an off campus instructor, plus on campus training in performance skills.

Required conditions:
1. Fourteen clock hours of instruction with a private instructor and adequate practice time are required.
2. At the end of the semester the student will be required to perform for the Music Faculty.
3. Student should have necessary skills and technique on chosen instrument to begin training in public performance:

a. Piano
b. Harpsichord
c. Organ
d. Voice
e. Flute
f. Oboe
g. Clarinet
h. Saxophone
i. Bassoon
j. French Horn
k. Trumpet
l. Trombone
m. Baritone Horn
n. Tuba
o. Percussion
p. Violin
q. Viola
r. Cello
s. Contrabass
t. Harp
u. Classical Guitar
v. Classical Accordion
w. Studio Guitar
x. Studio Drumset

Visit Palomar College’s online class schedule and the Music section of the college catalog for more information. For audition information, visit the auditions page and/or contact Kimberly Loya at (760) 744-1150 x2316.