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Theatre Arts – Technical Certificate


Certificate of Achievement

Provides training in basic technical theatre skills for career employment in technical production areas of drama, music, and telecommunications. Also provides training for employment in children’s theatre, junior theatre, and community theatre.
Program Requirements
TA 100 Introduction to the Theatre 3
TA 105 /ENTT 105 Introduction to Technical Theatre 3
TA 106 Elementary Stage Costume 3
TA 107 /ENTT 107 Lighting for Stage and Television 3
TA 108 /ENTT 108 Stagecraft and Scene Design for Theatre and Television 3
TA 109 Elementary Stage Make-Up 3
TA 111 Technical Theatre Production 0.5
TA 112 /ENTT 112 Entertainment Audio Production 3
TA 115 Beginning Acting I: Fundamentals 3
TA 116 Beginning Acting II: Scene Study 3
* TA 197D Stage Crew Workshop 2 – 6
TA 197E Management of Theatre Activities 0.5 – 3
Plus one of the following courses:
TA 140 History of the Theatre From Ancient Greece Through the 17th Century 3
TA 141 History of the Theatre From the 18th Century to the Present 3
TA 170 Computer Aided Drafting for Theatre 2
TA 297 Experimental Topics in Theatre 1 – 3

Total units 28.00 – 36.50
*TA 197D must be taken two times for a minimium of 2 units.

For more class information, visit the Theatre Arts section of the Palomar College Catalog and Palomar’s online class schedule.