Good Person of Setzuan Cast List (At Last)

Here’s the cast list everyone.  Sorry it’s a bit late.  Thank you all for your work and patience, we had a lot of difficult choices to make.

First Rehearsal is Monday at 6:30 PM.  Please arrive ready to start promptly at 6:30, wear clothes for movement.  See you then.

— Michael —


Shen Te – Ingrid Trovão
Wang  – Heather Fiore
3 Gods – Justin Hoover, Garrett Sanders, Bryan Levin
Mrs. Shin  – Martina Hila
Wife – Colette Culbertson
Husband  – Jolyon Maxilom
Brother – Cayden Berry
Sister-In-Law –  Christine Dillard,
Nephew – Matthew Whetstone
Niece – Lea Lebrun
The Kid – Deon Morgan
Grandmother – Caitlyn Westmoreland
The Unemployed Man – Myron Crowe
The Carpenter  – Joe Negra
Mrs. Mi Tzu – Natasha Viloria
Mr. Shu Fu – David Cochran
Yang Sun – Anthony Soraci
Mrs. Yang – Darci McClain
Rug Merchant Wife – Abagail Ballard
Rug Merchant Husband – Brian Keon
The Policeman – Bryce Ayers
Priest & Ensemble – Karen McCleod
Waiters & Ensemble – Cruz Garcia, Steven Trumbach
Carpenter’s Children & Ensemble – Sterling Fiore, Ian Trovão


Auditions for The Good Person of Setzuan

by Bertolt Brecht
adapted by Tony Kushner
translated by Wendy Arons

directed by Michael Mufson


Open to ALL races, ethnicities, ages, genders and experience levels!
Open Call Thursday, August 20, 7PM.
Palomar College Room PAC127 (Ensemble Room)
Callbacks Friday August 21, 7PM.Roles for 20+ actors.

To Prepare Choose Option A and/or B

Option A: A 1-2 minute monologue – fully memorized. The ideal monologue should be personal, passionate and provocative. Dramatic, Comedic or Argumentative.

Option B: Prepare a 1-2 minute response to the questions: What does it mean to be a good person? Is it possible to be good and stay good in our society? Response can be spoken, danced musical etc.

Cast of Characters:

Wang, The Water Seller
3 Gods
Shen Te, a good person (pre-cast)
Mrs. Shin
The Family of Eight
The Unemployed Man
The Carpenter
Mrs. Mi Tzu, the Landlady
Mr. Shu Fu, a wealty Barber
Yang Sun, an unemployed pilot
Mrs. Yang, his mother
The Old Rug Merchants
The Policeman
Various others


by Bertolt Brecht
Translated by Wendy Arons
Adapted by Tony Kushner

In this masterful parable play, the Gods have decreed, “If enough good people can be found the world can stay as it is.” Unfortunately, their search reveals only one good person, Shen Te, the prostitute; however, she must give up her profession in order to remain good. With a modest gift from the gods, she opens a small business, but the world of business proves increasingly challenging to her kind-hearted, good nature. As the pressures mount, can she remain a good person and still survive? Only the fate of the world is at stake.

Questions? Contact Michael Mufson