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Enrollment Problems?

Repeatability Error Messages for Performing Arts

We value our Performing Arts students and are sorry for any inconvenience these new State-mandated rules are causing. If you need these courses for transfer or transfer preparation for UC/CSU schools and/or believe you have received this message in error please follow the steps below:

  1. Try adding your classes one at a time. The computer will sometimes give you an error message if you are adding two classes of like content at a time.

If that doesn’t work:

  1. Please go to Enrollment Services in room SSC40 (around the side of the Student Services Building) and fill out both the Petition to Repeat a Course form AND an add slip for the class or classes in question.
    • In the Select the exception you are petitioning under section check Repeatable course (exceeding 4 enrollment limit) – last one in the left column.
    • In the explanation section write that “This class is needed for UC/CSU transfer.”
    • At Enrollment Services room SSC40, turn in BOTH completed and signed Petition to Repeat a Course form and the completed add slip, including your signature. The form does not need faculty signature if turned in with Petition to Repeat a Course.

If you have maxed out your repeatability (normally 4 repeats for classes of similar content) and do not need the course/courses for credit then please audit by filling out and turning in the audit form.

If you are still having problems enrolling in Music or Dance classes and have already checked to see if there are no holds on your accounts due to fines or fees, please contact the Chair of Performing Arts, Molly Faulkner at (760) 744-1150 x2318 or mfaulkner@palomar.edu.

Academic Advising

Attention Palomar Performing Arts majors! Whether you’re majoring in dance, music, or theatre arts, we have a faculty advisor just for you! Find an advisor in the list below and contact him/her ASAP for an appointment. Our faculty advisors will help you choose the right classes and programs for your success!


E. Weller: eweller@palomar.edu; (760) 744-1150 x3949

M. Bryne: mbyrne@palomar.edu; (760) 744-1150 x2809

P. Kurokawa: pkurokawa@palomar.edu; (760) 744-1150 x2322


M. Faulkner: mfaulkner@palomar.edu; (760) 744-1150 x2318

P. Mead: pmead@palomar.edu; (760) 744-1150 x2969

Theatre Arts

M. Mufson: mmufson@palomar.edu; (760) 744-1150 x2456

C. Sinnott: csinnott@palomar.edu; (760) 744-1150 x2432

Rough Magic – More Audition Info from the Director


Transplanting characters from The Tempest to present-day New York, ROUGH MAGIC is a Shakespearean action-adventure-fantasy in the tradition of Harry Potter and The X-Men that conjures a mythical, magical meta-universe in which the evil sorcerer Prospero is willing to do anything to recover his stolen book of magic—even if it means Manhattan’s destruction. Lucky for us, New York’s defenders include a quartet of unlikely heroes: A plucky, raven-haired dramaturg named Melanie Porter, who has the ability to free characters from plays; Prospero’s hunky (though not-too-bright) son, Caliban; a revenge-seeking Fury from Ancient Greece named Tisiphone; and a seventeen-year-old lifeguard from Coney Island named Chet Baxter. May the forces of evil beware…


MELANIE PORTER, a dramaturg with the magical gift to free characters from classical plays

CHESTER “CHET” BAXTER, a lifeguard

PROSPERO, an evil sorcerer

CALIBAN, Prospero’s first born and rebellious son

ARIEL, Prospero’s son, an enslaved spirit

SASIA, Ariel’s twin sister, also enslaved

MIRANDA, his daughter

SHYLOCK, owner of the Alabaster bookstore on Twelfth Street, freed from Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice

CAIUS MARCIUS, a Roman General, Freed from Shakespeare’s Coriolanus

TISIPHONE, first Fury, freed from Greek trilogy The Oresteia, a fabulous drag performer

MEGAGERA, second Fury, freed from Greek trilogy The Oresteia, one of Tisiphone’s back-up singers

ALECTO, third Fury, freed from Greek trilogy The Oresteia, also one of Tisiphone’s back-up singers

LINDA SUMMERS, a graduate student at Columbia University

DR. ROSEMARY RIDGEON, a doctor at Bellvue, Psychiatric Hospital

-From the Director, Michael Mufson-

2014-2015 Palomar Symphony Orchestra Season

Palomar Symphony Orchestra 2014-2015 Season

“Water Music: The Flow of Ideas, People, Spirit and Nature”

Music and water share many common properties: both are made up of single tiny moments or droplets, that combine to create waves, and both encompass the idea of flow. Dedicated to California’s ongoing drought, each concert will present pieces that were inspired by water, either directly or metaphorically.  Other pieces will accentuate music’s own tendencies to float ideas, both drifting and turbulent, from inception to the sea of shared human experience.

October 10-11: Water Music I – Flow of Ideas: Across the English Channel

These pieces were all composed by composers from Germany and Austria who made their way across the English Channel to find a home for their ideas.

Handel, Suite from Water Music

Mendelssohn, Overture, the Hebrides

Haydn, Symphony No. 104 (“London”)

November 21-22 Water Music II – Flow of People: American Waters (with Palomar Chamber Singers)

These pieces were all inspired by the geography of the United States, and the clash of old Native American, European and African cultures producing something entirely new

Sousa, Hands Across the Sea

Grofe, Mississippi Suite

Dvorak, Symphony No. 9, “From the New World”

March 14 Water Music III – Flow of the Spirit: Musical Emotions with special guest, Dr. Peter Gach, piano

Music that features the liquid flow of emotions, the tears of the displaced:  from fierce longing and homesickness, to the deep connections to important waterways under times of cultural repression.

Chopin, Piano Concerto No. 1

Smetana, The Moldau

By the Waters of Babylon/Flow My Tears

May 2015 TBA Water Music IV – Flow of the Wild: Humans living in harmony with Nature

As part of the PAD festival, the PSO is proud to feature the work of its own resident composer, Dr. Madelyn Byrne, and the exquisite performance of Concertmaster Ulli Reiner in an original violin concerto inspired by the Decorah Eagles and conservation efforts to save endangered species.

Giracello, Comet Overture

Byrne, Violin Concerto

Beethoven, Symphony No. 6 “Pastoral”PSO Director, Ellen Weller

The PSO Director and The PSO Concertmaster

photo (2)

Dr. Ellen Weller joined the Palomar Performing Arts Department in 2005, where she teaches classes in music theory, ear-training and music literature and directs the Palomar Symphony Orchestra. She earned her B.A. and M.A. in Music Composition from Queens College of the City University of New York, and completed her PhD studies at UCSD. She has studied conducting with Peter Jaffe, Donald Portnoy, David Chase, Martin Canellakis, Harvey Sollberger, and Kenneth Bell. She was an invited Fellow at the 2012 Conductors Institute of South Carolina, and recently appeared as guest conductor with the Poway Symphonette. A pianist and multi-winds performer, Weller has two CDs on the Circumvention label: Spirits, Little Dreams and Improvisations (2004) and Point of Contact (2008).  Her compositions include works for solo piano, flute, voice, and chamber ensembles, some exploring improvisation and graphic notation, and have been performed in New York, Detroit, San Diego and Los Angeles. Recent works include Prior’s Waltz for orchestra, 1918: for two pianos and community, incidental music to Angels in America and Pine Apple Rag for piano soloist and orchestra. Websites: www.wellermusic.com and http://www2.palomar.edu/users/eweller/.


Ulli Reiner, concertmaster of the Palomar Symphony Orchestra, is an adjunct faculty member of Palomar College and orchestra director with the Poway Unified School District. She is also the manager, founder and concertmaster of the Poway Community Symphony Orchestra and conductor of the Poway Community Symphonette. Ms. Reiner is a co-founder of the San Diego Youth Philharmonic and Civic Youth Orchestras, and she was appointed conductor of the Concert Strings Ensemble with the San Diego Youth Symphony and Conservatory in the fall of 2011.

A graduate of the University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music, Ms. Reiner received a Bachelor of Music Education degree with emphasis in violin and viola performance and continued with graduate study at San Diego State University, the University of Southern California, and the University of San Diego. She has studied violin and viola with Melvin Ritter, Tiberius Klausner, Yukiko Kamei, Noumi Fisher, Milton Thomas and her father, Rudolf Reiner.

As a professional violinist, Ms. Reiner has performed with the San Diego Symphony, San Diego Opera, Starlight Opera, San Diego Chamber Orchestra, St. Louis Municipal Opera, the St. Louis Philharmonic, and the Alexandria String Quartet. As a certified private instructor of Suzuki and traditional violin, her students have won numerous awards and scholarships leading to professional careers in music.

Ms. Reiner is a member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas, Suzuki Association of San Diego, served on the Board of Directors of the American String Teachers Association and has served as an adjudicator for the Southern California School Band and Orchestra Association. She was recognized in 1991 and again in 1993 by Outstanding Young Women of America and in 2000 was elected to the prestigious Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers. Since 1995 she has led successful international concert tours of Salzburg, Vienna, London, and Paris conducting the Civic Youth Orchestra Chamber Strings and her “Mostly Mozart Orchestra” comprised of students from the Poway Unified School District. Most recently, she was invited to conduct at the American String Teachers National Convention in Reno, Nevada, and was the guest conductor for the San Diego Unified School District Honor Orchestra.

Ms. Reiner performed a solo with the Maryville University Symphony Orchestra in St. Louis, Missouri in the springs of 2010 and 2012, performs solos regularly with the Poway Community Symphonette .

For more information about Ms. Ulli Reiner, visit her website here.

Contact the Symphony

For General orchestra information, string section seating, web site comments or orchestra openings, please contact the music director.

Dr. Ellen Weller eweller@palomar.edu (760) 744-1150 X 3949

Meet the Palomar Symphony Orchestra

Spring 2013

Violin I    
*Ulli Reiner-Concertmaster 
Diane Hunt-Assistant Concertmaster
Rachel Leverenz
Dalia Miguel
Stephanie Snyder
Virginia Thomas
Sam Townsend

Violin II
Fang Fang Li-Principal
Olivia Buscemi
Chenaniah Keshka
Tammy Lam
Gayle McCutchan
Janice McIntire
Alex Pilchowski
Melissa Rexillus

Roger Pine-Principal 
Jan Larson
Jay Lambert
Lina Mendenhall

*Lorie Kirkell-Principal
Joyce Rooks
*Cynthia Torgison

Thomas Torgison-Principal
Nathan Robinson

Kathleen Hamilton-Principal 
Rachel Holtz
Nathaly Loyola

*Gracie Fowler-Principal
Tim Martin

John Lasser-Principal
Nick Vanderschalie

Eleanor Tibbals-Pennington-Principal
Cheryl Knapp

French Horn
*Kenneth Bell-Principal
Judith Barnett
Makeala Latimer

Nicholas Nuss-Principal
Thomas Daily
Zachary Solza

Adam Vickers-Principal
David Burnworth
Andrew Circle
Thomas Yearsley

Austin Lynch

Diego Gutierrez-Principal

*Palomar Faculty Member

Join the Palomar Brass Ensemble!

Still looking to add a music ensemble to your repertoire? Join the Palomar Brass Ensemble, MUS 155 (73565), Tuesday, August 27 at 3:30 pm in room D-10!

Volunteer as an Usher

Volunteer as an usher and see the show for free! Sign up for more information by clicking “Sign Up Now” below. Or contact the Box Office/House Manager at boxoffice@palomar.edu for further information.

Rules and Information for Ushers

  • Ushers are asked to wear black bottoms and white tops. Black denim jeans are acceptable, but must be clean, free of holes/tears, and of a solid black color. Sneakers or tennis shoes are not appropriate. Any one not dressed appropriately will not be allowed to usher for the performance.
  • Ushers are asked to arrive at the venue one full hour prior to the event’s start time (i.e., if the event starts at 7:00 pm, ushers must be at the venue no later than 6:00 pm). Usher’s names will be checked off when they arrive.
  • Ushers may not chew gum or use cell phones during the event.
  • Ushers must be able to stand for up to 45 minutes at a time.
  • Ushers will be given brief instructions on safety practices and standards as well as an introduction to the box office staff, the facility, the performance (title, length [i.e. 1 hour 45 minutes with a 15 minute intermission], performance type (dance, music, theatre), how the seating is arranged, and which doors to suggest for patrons to use for their convenience.
  • Ushers will perform tasks that include, but are not limited to: taking tickets, handing out programs, passing out pre-paid will-call tickets, and/or assisting with concession stand.
  • At Intermission, the ushers will need to take to the edge of the stage; this is to make sure that audience members DO NOT try to enter the stage area.
  • During the performance, ushers will need to take seats on each side of the audience. Late seating will be accommodated at the discretion of the House Management. If there are late patrons, ask them to take a seat at the edge of the aisle and inform them that they will be able to take their actual seat at Intermission.
  • After the performance, ushers will be asked to stand once again at the edge of the stage. As patrons ask for performers, ushers need to ask them to go to the meeting area to wait for performers there. Ushers need to make sure that audience members do not try and enter the stage from the House.
  • Ushers must stay through the entire performance.
  • Once the House is clear, ushers must help clean-up the audience area and return all programs that are in good condition.  Ushers will sign programs for students who need proof-of-attendance for a class.

Usher Positions

  • Front Door: You will be taking tickets and telling patrons which theatre door they should enter to get to their seats.
  • Performance Entrance/Programs: You will be handing out programs and helping patrons to their seats.
  • Will Call Station: You will be located next to the ticketing area; at this station you will be handling all the Will Call tickets (tickets that were purchased prior to the event).
  • Other positions as assigned by House Manager.

In Case of Emergencies

  • In the case of a medical emergency, ushers need to contact the House Manager and leave the affected person alone (DO NOT MOVE THEM!).
  • In case of a major emergency (i.e. earthquake or fire), the House Management will contact the lighting operator to bring up the lights to allow the house staff to safely evacuate the audience.

Academic Programs

Palomar Performing Arts is a community where the human spirit is continually renewed and a place where we are reminded of the qualities that make us human.

Palomar Performing Arts is a world where artists and audiences alike gather to deepen their knowledge of music, dance and theatre in all their varied forms. It is a place where creativity and craft drive the immediacy of live performance, linking the traditions of the past with the possibilities of the future, instilling the art of communication in everyone.

We welcome all interested participants. Maybe you’re considering a professional career in music, dance or theatre. Perhaps you are chasing a curiosity about the performing arts and want to experience something new and exciting. Or, you might simply be looking for fun and stimulating general education requirements! Whatever your motivation, you will find a thoughtful and vibrant community when you arrive. Join us!

Support Us

Join the Palomar Performing Arts Circle!

Palomar Performing Arts is a cultural and educational experience unique to North County. Our venues bring people together, enriching lives through the arts and building a sense of community. With your help, we can continue to enhance our reputation as a leader in arts education.

Your donation to the Palomar Performing Arts Circle demonstrates not only a personal commitment to the arts, but a willingness to share it with those around you as well.

Donors can choose from several levels of participation. Become an Associate ($25.00 Donation), a Colleague ($50.00 Donation), a Fellow ($100.00 Donation), a Partner ($250.00 Donation), a Benefactor ($500.00 Donation) or even a Patron ($1000.00 Donation).

Please make checks payable to Palomar College Foundation with PAC on the memo line. Palomar Performing Arts Circle donations are tax deductible. Donate online! Click here. PAC donation envelopes are available in the lobby of the Howard Brubeck Theatre, on the information table during Concert Hour, or by calling the box office (760.744.1150 ext. 2453) to have one mailed to you.

Your generosity keeps Palomar Performing Arts scholarships, programs and activities relevant and strong. We look forward to many successful performances in the seasons ahead!

Join the Palomar Performing Arts Circle!

As of February 21, 2013:

PATRON – $1,000
Ivan & Ellen Gillis

Carolyn Funes

PARTNER – $250
Richard Ball, Jr.
George & Ann Boggs
Dr. David & Ann Chase
Susan Dong & A K Johanson
Myra Iserman
Dr. Jack & Norma Miyamoto
Maria Vazquez & Marco Lamas

FELLOW – $100
Douglas Bruck
Donald & Brenna Budd
Dr. Ken Burns
Dr. Madelyn Byrne
Hugh & Martha Cox
Steve & Kathy Crouthamel
Harry & Helgard Deuel
Dr. Peter Gach
Cecilia & Sorab Ghandhi
Robert & Susan Gilson
Don & Lara Hardin, Hardin Family Trust
Azim & Nell Hariri
Lynda Halttunen & Don Silliphant
Elaine & Paul Jordan
Byung Kang
William & Inok Paik
Liane Parkes
James & Letha Pontious
Cynthia Poole
Gerald & Arlene Schaffner
Dr. Joe & Dana Stanford
Betty Stroot
Dr. Ellen & Bob Weller
Barbara Werle

Rev. Ken & Joy Bealo
Ellen Blakeborough
Leslie Elmer
Marny Fischer
Fred & Susan Johnston
Dr. Virginia Loc-Hagan
Malcolm & Marilyn McGawn
Eric and Cathy Meerbergen
Joanna Murphy
Melinda O’Brien & David Baker
Hamid Radvar – Off Campus Books
Tom & June Robinson
James & Marlene Sudomir
Lynn Viall

Nancy Boyer – In Memory of Linda Chamberlain
Melinda Finn
Roger & Arvis Hiniker
Jonathan & Lois Ingber
George & Connie Krell
Kevin & Linda McCormack
Virginia Miller & Raymond Wilson
David & Eleanore Narevsky
Dorothy Ann Richardson
Joan Singer
Diane Way

Thinking Big – Palomar Brass Ensemble – Mar 12

The sound of pure, bold brass rings strong and true as these engaging Palomar musicians expand on renditions of classic and contemporary compositions.

Directed by Paul Kurokawa
Wednesday, 7pm
Studio Theatre
$12 General, $10 Seniors and Staff, $8 Students; Open Seating


Read more »

Come Dance with Palomar’s Contemporary Dance Ensemble

dance one

Come Dance with Palomar’s Contemporary Dance Ensemble

DNCE 225 (71445) Mondays and Wednesdays from 11am – 12:20pm Aug 18 – Dec 17 2014

All levels welcome

Looking for Dancers for Peter and Wolf played live by our Palomar Pacific Coast Concert Band
Performance Oct. 16 @7pm


Grofe’s Mississippi Suite played live by our Palomar Symphony Orchestra Performances November 21 and 22 @7pm

dance two

Please email Molly Faulkner for more details mfaulkner@palomar.edu

Three Sisters Cast List

Our deepest thanks to all who auditioned and helped run the auditions.


First call for both casts will be this Monday, August 25th at 6PM in the courtyard.

Three Sisters will continue through the run of the show

Natural Selection will do a first read-through and then a break until September 15. Michael will begin working with Donnie Lee immediately at times To Be Determined.

We’re off to an exciting semester of theatre-making!!!

John, Michael and Chris

Three Sisters Cast

Kayla Adorno- Housemaid
Montana Betts- Natasha
Tamaz Bolkvadze- Tuzenbach
Alex Bosualdo- Fedotik
Neha Curtiss- Ferapont
Brittnie Dixon- Housemaid
Camilla Elizabet- Olga
Katherine Heflin- Masha
Savanah Lyon- Irina
Morgan Phillips- Vershinin
Yui Shibata- Rhode
Anthony Soriano- Kulygin
Jared Spears- Chebutykin
Nick Stout- Andrey
Ingrid Travao- Anifisa
Richard Whipple- Solyony

Natural Selection Cast

Ryan Balfour- Henry
Delaney Dietrich- Ms. Fjeldstad
Peyton Jones- Mr. Nieberding
Donnie Lee- Longoria Zhao
Darcie McClain- Yolanda
Aaron Richey- Ernie
Danielle Starkey- Suzie
Cali White- Penelope

Ticket Information


Perf Art Brochure v15 PrinterSpreads

Individual tickets are $15 General, $12 Seniors/Staff, $10 Students.


Palomar Performing Arts also offers Group Rates (available through the Howard Brubeck Theatre box office only):

  • Group of 6: $9 Students, $11 Sr./Staff, $14 General
  • Group of 12: $8.50 Students, $10.50 Sr./Staff, $13.50 General
  • Group of 18+: $8 Students, $10 Sr./Staff, $13 General

Enter your mailing address to be mailed our Season Brochure and Concert Hour Listing and your email address to receive weekly performance news and special offers! Ours is a 100% opt-in system; we will not share or sell your information with any other marketing concern. Join Now!

The Performing Arts Box Office is open Tuesday-Friday, 12-4 pm and is located at:

Palomar College
1140 W. Mission Road
San Marcos, CA 92069
(760) 744-1150 x2453

Academic Programs

Palomar Performing Arts is a community where the human spirit is continually renewed and a place where we are reminded of the qualities that make us human.

Palomar Performing Arts is a world where artists and audiences alike gather to deepen their knowledge of music, dance and theatre in all their varied forms. It is a place where creativity and craft drive the immediacy of live performance, linking the traditions of the past with the possibilities of the future, instilling the art of communication in everyone.

We welcome all interested participants. Maybe you’re considering a professional career in music, dance or theatre. Perhaps you are chasing a curiosity about the performing arts and want to experience something new and exciting. Or, you might simply be looking for fun and stimulating general education requirements! Whatever your motivation, you will find a thoughtful and vibrant community when you arrive. Join us!