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Jorge Choquehuillca (O2)

April 25

Peruvian music from the Andes.

Jorge Choquehuillca was born in San Pablo, Peru near the ancient capital of the Incan empire. He was raised in the indigenous Quechua language and customs and became an expert as a young boy playing genres such as huaynos and carnavales on the unique 16-string bandurria, for which the region is famously known. Jorge promotes and performs all kinds of indigenous Andean music: for example, agricultural songs, bandurria, and orquestín, where he plays violin, mandolin, quena and the diatonic Andean harp. In addition to bandurria and orquestín, Jorge also plays and performs the traditional wind ensemble music from the altiplano of Peru and Bolivia (pinkilladas, choqelas, and pitu), the antara panpipe from the northern region of Cajamarca, and orquesta típica from Apurimac. Jorge is also an instrument artisan, adept at making various instruments from his region and beyond, such as various types of quenas and panpipes, as well as styles of pre-columbian ceramic instruments and ocarinas.

credit: http://www.centerforworldmusic.org/schools/Artist-Teachers%20Individual%20Bios%20(2011-12)/Jorge%20Choquehuillca.pdf