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Enrollment Problems?

Repeatability Error Messages for Performing Arts

We value our Performing Arts students and are sorry for any inconvenience these new State-mandated rules are causing. If you need these courses for transfer or transfer preparation for UC/CSU schools and/or believe you have received this message in error please follow the steps below:

  1. Try adding your classes one at a time. The computer will sometimes give you an error message if you are adding two classes of like content at a time.

If that doesn’t work:

  1. Please go to Enrollment Services in room SSC40 (around the side of the Student Services Building) and fill out both the Petition to Repeat a Course form AND an add slip for the class or classes in question.
    • In the Select the exception you are petitioning under section check Repeatable course (exceeding 4 enrollment limit) – last one in the left column.
    • In the explanation section write that “This class is needed for UC/CSU transfer.”
    • At Enrollment Services room SSC40, turn in BOTH completed and signed Petition to Repeat a Course form and the completed add slip, including your signature. The form does not need faculty signature if turned in with Petition to Repeat a Course.

If you have maxed out your repeatability (normally 4 repeats for classes of similar content) and do not need the course/courses for credit then please audit by filling out and turning in the audit form.

If you are still having problems enrolling in Music or Dance classes and have already checked to see if there are no holds on your accounts due to fines or fees, please contact the Chair of Performing Arts, Molly Faulkner at (760) 744-1150 x2318 or mfaulkner@palomar.edu.