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Inherit the Wind Cast

Congratulations to the cast of Inherit the Wind. Our first rehearsal will be Monday, March 11 at 6:00PM in D-10. Scripts are available at the Palomar Performing Arts Box Office (GJ Building). Please have your script when you arrive at rehearsal on Monday. Regular box office hours are Noon to 4pm Thursday and Friday. For any inquiries, please contact Heather Murray, Box Office Manager, at 760-744-1150 x3049.

If you have any questions about picking up your script or attending rehearsal on Monday you can contact Charmaine Reed, Stage Manager, at 858-472-5520.

Rachel Brown Katherine Heflin
Meeker Patrick Swies
Bertram Cates Baruch Guerrero
Jeremiah Brown Tamaz Bolkvadze
Melinda (Howard) Myra Zamora
E.K. Hornbeck Tami O’Connell
Mayor Donna Howe
Matthew Harrison Brady Morgan Phillips
Mrs. Brady Sarah Wootten
Davenport Carrie O’Connell
Drummond Chrissy Wenning
Judge Aaron Ritchey
Sillers and McClain Kylie Wilson
Krebs and Blair Jessica Self
Bollinger Grace Penaranda
Bannister Yui Shibata
Goodfellow Miguel Zubrian
Dunlap Jessica Payne
Howard (Melinda) Tanner Harless
Elijah McKenna Geu