Theatre of The Oppressed comes to the Border

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Had a great planning meeting this morning with John Valdez, Sharon Allen and the new president of MEChA. The U.S. – Mexico Border Coalition conference will be amazing. We are hoping to form a group to do Theatre of the Oppressed work with folks in Ciudad Juarez Mexico – the most violent city in the world.


  1. Very cool. What is the timeframe for this?

  2. Welcome/Reception Wednesday, October 14, 5pm

    Lecture Series Thursday October 13
    10:30-11:45 am Olivia Teresa Ruiz Marrujo, Gender Violence
    12:00- 1:30 pm Kathleen A. Staudt, Violence & Activism at the Border
    2:30- 3:45 pm Ada Luisa V. de Trillo, Violence & Globalization
    7:00- 9:30 pm Brent Blair, Trauma & Liberation Arts

    Workshops and Activism Friday, October 14
    9:30-10:00 am Welcome
    10:00-11:30 am Workshop I Theatre of the Oppressed
    11:30-12:30 pm Lunch for registered participants
    12:30- 2:00 pm Workshop II Violence, Family & Children
    2:30- 4:00 pm Workshop III Gendered Violence
    4:30- 5:30 pm Closing Session/Debriefing

  3. These times very good for all students.

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