Coffee Talks Series


October 5th, 6-6:50pm Room D-5

Global Warming, Facts and Fallacies: how do we “interpret” data?  How is it presented, manipulated and potentially misrepresented, to the public?

Panelists:  Chris Sinnott (faculty, Theatre & moderator) Michael Mufson (faculty, Theatre & director) Al

Trujillo (faculty, Earth Sciences) William Leslie (Faculty, Philosophy)

Presented in connection with Paragon SpringsSeptember 28 – October 7



November 16th, 6-6:50pm Room D-5

Abortion and Morality 

Panelists: Chris Sinnott (faculty moderator), Francis Gerke (faculty director), TBA (faculty, Religious Studies), TBA (faculty, Nursing)

Presented in connection with The Cider House Rules, pt 1  - November 9-18



 March 8th, 6-6:50pm Room D-5

Cellular Communication, Talking in the 21st Century: how the cell phone has effected our ability to think and to communicate.

Panelists: Chris Sinnott (faculty, Theatre & moderator), Pat Larmer (faculty, Theatre & director),  TBA (faculty, CSIS), TBA (faculty, Child Development)

Presented in connection with Dead Man’s Cell Phone   March 1-10



May 3rd, 6-6:50pm Room D-5

Evolution and the Freedom to Think: Science, Religion, Education and Public Policy

Panelists: Chris Sinnott (faculty, Theatre & moderator), John Polak (faculty, Theatre & director),  William Leslie (faculty, Philosophy), TBA (faculty, Earth Sciences), TBA (faculty, Religious Studies)

Presented in connection with Inherit the Wind April 26-May 5