Coffee Talks Series

Fall 2014 Coffee Talk Series


Thursday October 9, 6:15 PM

following the 4PM performance of

Anton Chekhov’s  Three Sisters

Taking Stock and Making Sense in Times of Seismic Change

Chekhov’s masterpiece, Three Sisters, places his characters into a world of seismic change, one that forces each character to take stock of their life and livelihood, to consider why we live, and why we suffer.  The stark conditions of the present collide with beautiful dreams of a better future. Is this a tragedy?  Is this a comedy?  Come, see our show and then take part in our Coffee Talk to share insights about making sense of our uncertain world.


Friday October 10 & 11, 6:15

concert will follow at 7PM

Water Music 1: Flow of Ideas

Topic TBA


Thursday November 6, 6:15 PM

following the 4PM performance of

NATURAL SELECTION, A Climate Crisis Comedy

Topic: Culture and Climate Change


2012-13 Coffee Talk Series

October 5th, 6-6:50pm Room D-5 Global Warming, Facts and Fallacies: how do we “interpret” data?  How is it presented, manipulated and potentially misrepresented, to the public? Panelists:  Chris Sinnott (faculty, Theatre & moderator) Michael Mufson (faculty, Theatre & director) Al Trujillo (faculty, Earth Sciences) William Leslie (Faculty, Philosophy) Presented in connection with Paragon Springs – September 28 – October 7

November 16th, 6-6:50pm Room D-5 Abortion and Morality  Panelists: Chris Sinnott (faculty moderator), Francis Gerke (faculty director), TBA (faculty, Religious Studies), TBA (faculty, Nursing) Presented in connection with The Cider House Rules, pt 1  – November 9-18      

March 8th, 6-6:50pm Room D-5 Cellular Communication, Talking in the 21st Century: how the cell phone has effected our ability to think and to communicate. Panelists: Chris Sinnott (faculty, Theatre & moderator), Pat Larmer (faculty, Theatre & director),  TBA (faculty, CSIS), TBA (faculty, Child Development) Presented in connection with Dead Man’s Cell Phone   March 1-10

May 3rd, 6-6:50pm Room D-5 Evolution and the Freedom to Think: Science, Religion, Education and Public Policy Panelists: Chris Sinnott (faculty, Theatre & moderator), John Polak (faculty, Theatre & director),  William Leslie (faculty, Philosophy), TBA (faculty, Earth Sciences), TBA (faculty, Religious Studies) Presented in connection with Inherit the Wind April 26-May 5