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Our Mission

Art is the conscience of society.

Palomar Coffee Talks & Campus Engagement Through the Arts  fosters community dialogues through live events that open people’s hearts, eyes, and minds. Pablo Picasso famously described art as, “A lie that makes us realize truth.”  We offer performances and public gatherings that provide an occasion to analyze aspects of our society and the human condition from the multiple perspectives provided by differing academic disciplines. This Blog site is the hub that will connect all the conversations and collect the documentation.

This season (2016-17) the theme is “Dialogues on Race, Privilege and the Evolving American Identity.”

  • Our community includes the locality of Palomar College and it’s surroundings, plus the virtuality of all those who engage with us via the blog.
  • We build community through shared experience and dialogue about the diverse struggles of marginalized peoples and groups among us and other pressing issues of the day.
  •  We provide a springboard for civil discourse both in person and on the internet .
  • We connect classrooms by finding common ground between  disciplines and bringing faculty and students from different disciplines into a shared discussion.
  • We promote awareness,  critical thinking  creative problem solving through dialogue.


Previous Themes

2015-16  “What does it mean to be a ‘Good’ person? & “Is it possible to be good and remain good in our society?”

2014-15  “Societies in Transition: How do we cope in an world of uncertainty?

2012-13   “The Right To Think?! Science, Politics and Public Perception.”

 2011-12 “LGBTQ Awareness.  Gender and sexuality in American culture.”