This is where the dialogue happens, and it begins with you.

During the early days of the AIDS epidemic the slogan Silence=Death became widespread.  There was a recognition that the stories and struggles of homosexuals must be spoken about, must be exposed to the sunlight and the air. Silence leads to fear and ignorance and hatred and violence.

While much progress has been made since the days of Stonewall, there is still much work to be done right here in our community.  We must speak to the common humanity and dignity of all people.  It’s time to speak.  It’s time to listen. It’s up to you.

Use this space to share your opinions, experiences and stories related to LGBTQ issues.  We will also post open questions for our participants to answer. To comment on a post, click on the title and it will take you to the page for that post.  Look for the comment box below the thread of posts.  If you are interested in contributing posts about “Gender and Sexuality In American Culture” to this blog contact Michael Mufson at mmufson@palomar.edu


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