Inherit The Wind

April 26 – May 5

Inherit The Wind

by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee

The accused was a slight, frightened man who had  deliberately broken the law. His trial was a Roman  circus. The chief gladiators were two great legal  giants of the century. Like two bull elephants  locked in mortal combat, they bellowed and roared  imprecations and abuse. The spectators sat uneasily  in the sweltering heat with murder in their hearts,  barely able to restrain themselves. At stake was  the freedom of every American. One of the most  moving and meaningful plays of our generation.

“Bursting with vitality…Literature of the stage!” says the New York Times of this fictionalized account of the 1925 Scopes “Monkey” Trial (which resulted in a conviction of a high school teacher for presenting Darwin’s theory of evolution to a science class). According to Lawrence, “We used the teaching of evolution as a parable, a metaphor for any kind of mind control[…] It’s not about science versus religion. It’s about the right to think.”

 Directed by John Polak

April 26- May 5
Fridays, Saturdays 8pm; Sundays, 2pm; Thursday, 4pm
Performance Lab D-10, Palomar College, San Marcos campus

$12 General, $10 Seniors and Staff, $8 Students



May 3rd, 6-6:50pm Room D-5

Evolution and the Freedom to Think: Science, Religion, Education and Public Policy

Panelists: Chris Sinnott (faculty, Theatre & moderator), John Polak (faculty, Theatre & director),  William Leslie (faculty, Philosophy), TBA (faculty, Earth Sciences), TBA (faculty, Religious Studies)