Participating Classes 2016-17

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Participating Classes 2016-17

Use the “Add Your Thoughts” box below to enter the names of the classes you teach that are participating in this project .  Optionally, you can include the meeting times. Participation is as simple as incorporating discussion of a relevant topic into your classroom.

Click the “Enjoy Participating” tab on our Welcome Page for some specific suggestions of ways to participate.

Look for classes that meet at the same time and consider sharing your insights together.

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7 Comments on "Participating Classes 2016-17"

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Kathleen Grove

My face to face classes will be participating. They include. Sociology 100 (T/Th 9:30), Sociology 100 (T/Th 2:00) and Self and Society (T/Th 12:30).

Beatrice Manneh

My German 201 class will be discussing this topic and I will introduce the topic to my lower level classes too. Germany has taken in already over one million Syrian refugees, Austria about 1,5 percent of their own population. The ramifications are huge.


very nice, Thank you

düşük hapı

nice article

Mira Davetiye

Assumption instead of Conversation.