Three Sisters



Three Sisters
by Anton Chekhov

Directed by John Polak
October 3-12


A Party.  A Carnival that never happens.  A Fire.  A Letting Go. Because human beings feel so deeply about so many things. It’s really sad.  And it’s really funny. Like it or not, we must live, we must work. Because what we really want is to be happy. A contemporary take on Chekhov’s classic exploration of human aspirations! Friday, Saturday, 7pm; Sunday, 2pm; Thursday, 4pm (followed by Coffee Talk at 6:15). Studio Theatre.


Coffee Talk October 9th following the 4pm show


“Ta-ra-ra boom-de-ay, it’s gonna to rain today …What difference does it make?  What difference does it make?”


Chekhov’s masterpiece, Three Sisters, places his characters into a world of seismic change, one that forces each character to take stock of their life and livelihood, to consider why we live, and why we suffer.  The stark conditions of the present collide with beautiful dreams of a better future. Is this a tragedy?  Is this a comedy?  Come, see our show and then take part in our Coffee Talk to share insights about making sense of our uncertain world.


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