Suggest Plays Here

Use this thread to post suggestions for specific plays or particular themes and situations you would like to see in the theatre.

For General Suggestions: Tell us what you would like to experience in the theatre. Perhaps you are most interested in lesbian plays, which tend to get far less attention than gay male plays. Are you interested in the experiences of people coming out to friends and families. Maybe gender bending is your thing. You might be interested in a documentary style theatre like The Laramie Project that uses a real incident as the focal point of the story telling. These are just a few examples of the type of comment we are hoping for.

For Specific Plays: Please include the title and the author. Feel free to add more information such as a description of the story and characters, why you would like to see us perform this play, where we can find it etc.


  • Use this blog to offer suggestions of plays by October 20(Click here Suggest Plays)
  • October 20 – the theatre faculty select approximately 5 plays to choose from and post descriptions on the blog (Click here to view and Comment on our finalists.)
  • October 27 -November 11 – Community Engagement
    • Classes commit some amount of time to discussing the 5 plays
    • Faculty encourage students to comment on the plays and read other’s comments
    • All palomar employees are encouraged to comment
    • Community members are encouraged to comment
  • November 11 -18 – everyone can vote for the play of their choice between .(Click here to vote.)
  • We will perform the play in April of 2012

By early October, the theatre faculty will post our selection of approximately 5 plays for the community to vote on.