Best of the Best GALLERY | 2015


Congratulations to our winners! Please see the highlights from our 2015 Showcase.
(Thank you to everyone who entered their classes; all of the entries demonstrated a masterful use of technology.)

Sherry Ludwig | Spanish/World Languages
     First Place: Face-to-Face Course / Blackboard

The judges were impressed when Sherry invited them to view her course and her implementation of media, which included a wide range of original and textbook publisher's tools, techniques, and media to engage her students. The judges enjoyed seeing her self-produced Day of the Dead movie.

Sherry's Day of the Dead Movie (Día de los Muertos)

Sherry's Site Banner

Sherry's Site Banner

Day of the Dead Movie

Sherry's Movie

Kelly Falcone | Health/Kinesiology
     Second Place: Using Technology in Face-to-Face Classes Tutorial

Kelly’s entry was selected as Second Place for her presentation about implementing technology in a Face-to-Face course. The slide presentation, an animation through PowToons, was clever and kept the viewer’s interest. The content outlined the importance of using technology in traditional classes as well as suggesting resources that are readily available on the Internet.

Kelly's Entry Presentation

Kelly's PowToon's Presentation

Kelly's Presentation



Congratulations to our 2014 winners!

Steve Perry | CSIS
     First Place: Online Course / Not Blackboard

The judges were impressed with Steve's video introduction, extensive announcements, and comprehensive syllabus.

Steve's Entry Movie

Steve's Home Page and Tutorial Movie

Steve's Home Page

Kelly Falcone | Health
     Second Place: Online Course / Blackboard

Kelly's Entry Movie

The judges were impressed with Kelly's YouTube channel available for students 24/7. Her model intersects three constructs: teaching presence, social presence, and cognitive presence are very sound practices.

Kelly's YouTube Video

Kelly's Video

Kelly's Journal Lesson

Rick Cassoni | CSIS
     Third Place: Online & Hybrid Course / Blackboard

Rick's Entry Video

Rick's Sample Lecture

Rick's Entry Vodcast

The judges were impressed with Rick's numerous synchronous opportunities to engage the students, archives for student reference, and his attention towards at-risk students.

Rick's Vodcast and Blackboard Screen

Rick's Vodcast

Rick's Blackboard


Congratulations to our 2013 winners!

Neil Bruington | Graphic Communications
     First Place: Online Course / Blackboard

The judges were impressed with Neil's extensive use of multimedia, comprehensive content, and superb organization. Students interacted with each other and their professor through hands-on problem-based learning.

Neil's Entry Movie

Neil's Home Page and Tutorial Movie

Neil's Home Page

Neil's multimedia lessons

Steve Perry | CSIS
     Second Place: Online Course / Not Blackboard

Steve's Entry Movie

The judges were impressed with Steve's structured site, robust content, quickstart guide, and many resources. Students are able to access all features in the top menu.

Steve's Home Page and Discussion Screen

Steve's Home Page

Steve's Discussion Page

Mel Terry | Graphic Communications
     Third Place: Online Course / Blackboard

Mel's Entry Movie

The judges were impressed with Mel's casual conversational style to engage the students, frequent and meaningful contact, and many colorful visuals to attract learners.

Mel's Home Page and Blackboard Screen

Mel's Home Page

Mel's Blackboard


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