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CONGRATULATIONS to the following TRAINED INSTRUCTORS who have accomplished one or more of the following:

          • Completed the POET training
          • Awarded a degree or certificate for teaching or training online from an accredited institution
          • Approved to teach online with the Online Course Best Practices Checklist.

Riley Alegre Munin

Abigail Astley

Mary Atkins

Rebecca Barr

Renee Barrett

Michael Bartulis

Amy Beeman

Gustavo Bento

Jose Briceno

Coral Bruni

Gabriela Bryant

Valerie Chau

Lee Chen

Daniel Clark

Connie Collins

Haydn Davis

Stephanie Decker

Jose Esteban

Lisa Faas

Kelly Falcone

Cynthia Fillmore

Gracie Fowler

Katy French

Carolyn Gomes

Tuhin Ghosh

Lori Graham

Catherine Haag

Lawrence Hahn

Katherine Herring-Hayashi

Benedict Jones

Gregg Kelley

Tamara Kinney

Bonnie Kristell

Linda Locklear

Mary Pat Lupica

Michael Lusby

Gene Matter

William Melton

Paulino Mendoza

Brian "Mike" Michaelson

Mark Minkler

Linda Morrow

Antone "Bud" Oliveira

Henry "Pete" Ordille, Jr.

Shahrokh Parvini

Lillian Payn

Teresa Pelkie

Thomas Parry

Tatiana Peisl

Steve Perry

Judith Phillips

Robert Price III

Timothy J. Regello

Wade Rollins

Seth San Juan

Tiffany Sargent

Anne Schnarr

Janice Schultz

Jacquelin Smith

Richard Stegman

Anita Sugar

Mel Terry

William Todd

Special recognition to:

Dennis O'Neil

National award for his exemplary online course

Neil Bruington

First Place, Showcase 2013

For more information, please contact Lillian Payn, Academic Technology Coordinator | Office: LL 110A | 760/744-1150 ext. 3626
Palomar College | 1140 W. Mission Rd. | San Marcos, CA 92069