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What is it?

A year-long program where CSUSM students mentor Palomar STEM Scholars to enhance academic success, transfer, and entry into STEM careers and research programs.

How does it work?

Palomar STEM Scholars are matched with CSUSM students based on  academic and personal interest.   Participants will be invited to our monthly University 101 lunches, STEM-related events, and college activities.  Upon completion of the program, each mentee will receive a certificate of recognition at our end-of-year celebration.


What are some benefits?

  • Access to a support system during critical stages of your academic and career development

  • An insider's perspective on navigating your career at CSUSM

  • Direct access to powerful resources within your academic major

  • Greater knowledge of career and academic success factors at CSUSM

  • The foundation of a lasting professional network and personal relationships amongst students and faculty alike at CSUSM


Student Quotes from Spring 2013

It opened my eyes to the many different paths I can take for career. It also helped me meet a lot of people with similar backgrounds as me and really influential people.

This program also offers the opportunity for Palomar students to network with possible professors they are interested in doing research with. GREAT PROGRAM!!!

I know parents tell you what to do when you never want to listen, but with peers you are more receptive to what they have to say. I felt that I inspired and gave ideas to my mentee.


I enjoyed being able to meet someone already majoring in a field I want to major in and being able to see the university and meet the physics professors there.



How Do I Get Involved?

Fill out an application.

Application Deadline is Friday Sept. 19, 2014

Contact Information:

Patty Deen

Palomar STEM Center Coordinator

(760) 744-1150 x2519


Jon Rocha

Title V/HIS STEM Outreach and Recruitment

(760) 744-1150 x2293


Palomar College faculty, staff and students all benefit from the Title V/HSI STEM grant.

Palomar Community College District 1140 West Mission Road, San Marcos, CA 92069-1487 Telephone: (760) 744-1150