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(Photo Illustration by Lisa Marlett/The Telescope)

(Photo Illustration by Lisa Marlett/The Telescope)

Buy one get one free, doubling and tripling, and $1 off, all words that bring joy to the ears of many coupon clippers out there. With all the deals available it seems almost crazy that everyone isn’t racing to their newspapers on Sunday morning and clipping away.

But words like exclusions may apply, and cannot be combined with any other offer, or that a coupon only saves 50 cents, may turn people away. However being college students, every penny saved is a penny that can be spent on school, rent, or those large car payments. It’s time to face those daunting words. With these easy tips, any college student can clip coupons.

Diamond in the Ruff: The first step in being able to use a coupon, is to have a coupon. The age old solution to finding coupons is to look into your Sunday morning newspaper. Although this is a suitable and simple solution to finding coupons, many college students living on their own don’t necessarily receive a newspaper every week, but do not fret there are other ways.

College students are constantly surfing the Internet on Facebook, and YouTube, why not turn endless hours of Internet browsing into money saving minutes! Now coupon clipping is simpler than ever with online coupon sites. Websites such as,, and make finding and clipping coupons easy and quick.

Just visit one or all of these sites search through the coupons they have listed for that week, select the ones you want and print. All that’s left is cutting them out and taking them to your closest grocery store.

Deciphering Savings: Next is trying to decipher which coupons work best and how to multiply your savings. One way is by matching the coupons clipped with the weekly ads from local grocery stores or super stores like Wal-Mart and Target. If you want to take it to the next level of coupon greatness, it’s time to start doubling up on coupons.

(Photo Illustration by Lisa Marlett/The Telescope)

(Photo Illustration by Lisa Marlett/The Telescope)

When searching coupon clipping sites or the Sunday newspaper, it pays off to print an extra one or two. Double coupons are when you simply have two or more of the same coupon. So if the coupon was originally worth 50 cents off, it is now worth $1 and so on. If you need extra help figuring out which coupons double or which stores accept double or triple coupons go to for a quick rundown.

Online Coupon Time: Remember coupons aren’t only used for groceries or household products. Coupons can be used on clothes, books, shoes, you name it. Although you may not be able to find coupons for those new pair of Nike’s in your Sunday paper, they are available online. Online coupon codes are great for online shopping. The website offers tips and tricks on how to combine online coupon codes rebates that can help save money on shipping, get discounts on products, and even get you money back for your purchases.

Group it Together: Coupons also come in the form of daily deal discounts. Groupon is a website that allows its members to get daily discounts for local businesses in their town. Signing up is easy as 1,2,3. Go on to and register to be a member where you can choose which city you would like to receive the discounts for. Groupon discounts are usually 50-90% off of the original retail price. Restaurants, clubs, and spas are just a few off the discounted offers Groupon has to share. You can also log onto the site through your smart phone, leaving no excuse not to sign up for discounts on every place a college student would want to go.

Coupon clipping can seem overwhelming when first starting out. But by following these simple steps you can be one clip closer to savings than you think. If any questions remain the website gives a simple overview for the whole coupon using process.

For more tips and instructions on how to save a bundle just by using coupons visit these links:

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  1. Coupons may offer discounts, but they’re also a form of advertising for companies. Whether you clip coupons from the Sunday circulars or print them from “Printapons”, you’ll see ads for hundreds of products in the process

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