There's an app for that.

Is your laptop too heavy to carry to school? Do you have smartphone? Do you have an APP that makes school work easier?

According to, the first truly portable computer was released April 1981. Although there were previous machines with memory storage and data display, it wasn’t until the 80’s when these machines became portable. Now, we have smart cell phones with nearly the same capacity that laptops and computers have.

These past years cell phone technology has attached itself to corporations, businesses and many companies. Cell phone technology has also attached itself to many students that want to do well in school.

“Smartphones are a good thing, students can do school work in class if the teacher allows it, the student can learn important facts right then and there,” student Dalone Epton said. “I have a Dictionary app on my iPhone that helps me with my homework when I come across a word I don’t know.”

The Dictionary app includes nearly 1,000,000 words and definitions as well as 90,000 synonyms and antonyms according to The app includes phonetic and audio pronunciation, word origin and history and voice-to-text search. The app also has a thesaurus that gives consistent words. It’s one of the most modern dictionaries on the market.

“If a student needs help in class, a smartphone can teach that student something they should already know,” student Justin Ervin said. “If I have the chance to use my smartphone after class I will bookmark a website where I can go to and research more school work.”  Ervin also mentioned his iPhone comes with a built-in YouTube app where he can watch videos that his teacher played in class.

Time Magazine considers the Graphing Calculator app as one of the top 10 best applications for school according to This app turns your phone from a smartphone into a graphing calculator. The app can quickly input multiple equations on the same graph. You can also e-mail graphs to yourself and find the exact coordinates for roots, intersections, minimums, and maximums. This app is perfect for any student with math in their schedule and can be right at their fingertips for only $1.99.

“I have a droid where I check up on my blackboard. I also use my phone to check on my emails,” student Eric Martinez said. “I check my schedule at work with my smartphone and check up on my bank account as well, the calculator on my phone is helpful when it comes down to numbers.”

According to the Iplanner is an excellent organization app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for students. Rate My Professors is an app that can lessen the stress of students by giving them access to reviews and comments on over a million professors nationwide.

Evernote is another app that is very helpful when it comes to note taking, according to The beauty of Evernote is the option to synchronize voice recordings, pictures and more. It’s free and it is very easy to use. There is also a paid service available for more memory capacity if the user desires more Mega Bites.

There are also tons of the popular apps for smartphones that students like to use to stay connected to friends, for example Facebook and Twitter. And for student athletes there are great apps like ESPN sports center that keep fans up to date with their favorite teams.

Author: Giovanni Nieto

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