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Coordinated, motivated and well directed, the Film Club at Palomar is an organized union that is collaborating with more than a dozen students to create films.

The goal of the Film Club is to support filmmakers, playwrights, performers and film fundamentalists. Film is a very significant form of art. Films have an extensive collection of ideas that can influence the people. Capturing a motion picture on a camera is not all this Film Club does.

According to their Facebook page the Film Club explores all aspects in films during meeting sessions and by doing so, the members develop a higher appreciation for old and new movies. Great films have an impact on society.

“Films affect people with an emotion that the directors project,” club member Jonathan Orozco said. “People can really identify themselves to protagonist in movies.”

During meetings, the students come in to share their ideas, share their favorite films and share their film aspirations. Club members talk in depth about films from different backgrounds to fellow film fans. Any Palomar student can come join in on the 2 p.m. meetings every Thursday in SU-204.

During the meetings the club President Juan Aguirre informs members on what is going on at Palomar and how the club can be more involved in campus-wide activities.

“We want to be able to share general news on events about what other clubs are doing at school,” Aguirre said. “There is a lot of exciting events occurring at Palomar that go unrecognized, unfortunately.”

Aguirre said he also informs the club members on what other clubs from Palomar are doing to see if they can interact with those clubs. During meetings Aguirre updates members about current projects. He also addresses everyone to brainstorm film project ideas. Members bring their ideas to the table to discuss film concepts before they move on to creating movies.

“The club offers special opportunities for filmmakers to discuss what they are producing, what kind of talents they are looking for,” Aguirre said. “As a group we’ll try to counsel each other about each other’s films.”

The club members try to offer assistance to each other by putting together film crews for projects they are creating. Being an organized union requires help from everybody. The club is ideal for students who want to develop a film portfolio and learn about the film industry. The members are helpful and they are really encouraged to make films.

“Some of us in this room are going to head out in the film industry and become producers, writers, directors or something else,” club member Kyle Frie said. “We come together at 2 p.m. every Thursday in the Student Union to exchange ideas about films. We make sure we are trying to generate some sort of work.”

The club is here so that aspired filmmakers, writers or producers are able to show their work to their peers, hear constructive criticism and get help putting their productions together.

“Sometime the things said in this room are life-changing statements,” club member Orozco said. “This combination of students has become so open, when we have troubles we ask each other for help, if there are things that need to be corrected we on add to an idea already invented so it becomes better.”

Right now the club is trying to find sponsors. Part of having a strong foundation is having the right equipment that will be necessary for filmmakers.  For more information, visit

Author: Giovanni Nieto

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