FEMALE PERSPECTIVE: Finals should not be coming as a surprise.

Students at Palomar don’t participate in very many student activities. They don’t go to their schools’ sporting events. They don’t join clubs. They don’t really do anything that has to do with other people.
Okay. Fine. If you want to be anti-social, we can roll with that. But when it comes to the reason that you’re here at Palomar, please make sure you aren’t apathetic.
We are all here to get an education (we would assume), and part of that is passing your classes. And a big part of that means passing your finals.
We know that it may come as a shock, but finals are once again upon us.
Oh, it didn’t surprise you? Well, for some people it definitely has sprung itself up out of nowhere, and people are starting to panic. There is no need for all of the crazy running around now.
Panicking over finals is like panicking over your wedding on your actual wedding day; all of the necessary work should be done by now.
That extra credit that your professor told you about on day one? Now is not the time to start working on it.
We don’t think it is exactly unnecessary to study; that would be rubbish. We simply think that cramming is useless. It has actually been proven that if you cram just before you take the final, you will not retain the information.
Classes started in August. We are now in December. If you are behind in your classes, perhaps you should have figured that out like two months ago.
It may be a lot of information to retain, but it is so much more when you are trying to grasp it all a week before finals.
Finals are not a surprise. We don’t go through the semester, and suddenly on the last day the teacher springs it on us, “Surprise!” School doesn’t work like that.

(Colleen Peters/ The Telescope)

The information about when you’re going to take the final is on your syllabus. We get that not every one reads their syllabi religiously, but it still shouldn’t come as a shock that we are going to be taking finals soon.
And then there are all those electronic distractions. You know what I mean, put down the Angry Birds, get off Facebook.
One of our friends uses Facebook as an incentive to study- one hour of studying for every 15 minutes of Facebook.
This is our favorite motivation for studying. What could be better than getting to see all the fun things your friends are doing when you’re stuck trying to catch up on all the material from the past three months?
Is it really that hard to not go on Facebook for a few hours (we say as we stop writing this column to check Facebook). In the grand scheme of things, isn’t the outcome of where your life is going to go more important than the latest gossip on the newest couple or Kim Kardashian drama?
Get studying. You have a week to go at the books hard, then a week of horrible stress, and then comes the light at the end of the tunnel-  Christmas break.
We don’t know about you, but we cannot wait for the end of this semester, and the blissful month of no school and no stress at all. It’s going to be wonderful.


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