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From counselors to websites, there are multiple resources to help students transfer from Palomar College, school officials said recently.

One new way is to log onto the assist.org website.  From there, students can go to the CSUMentor.edu site, the UC Admissions site, or the SDSU site.

Palomar also offers workshops that help students fill out applications for CSU or UC schools, throughout the semester. The website www.palomar.edu/counseling/transfercenter gives the latest dates and times.

But Palomar counselors encourage students to consider coming in person to the Counseling office and the Transfer Center to make sure they are on the right track.

“Students need to be proactive and make sure they see a counselor at least once a semester to develop a transfer education plan,” Elvia Nunez, director of the Transfer Center said. “It is important that students complete a general education pattern and major prep before transfer.”

Students can call the Transfer Center to make an appointment at (760) 744-1150, ext. 2552 or call Counseling Services (760) 891-7511 to make an appointment.

There is also money to help with transfers for those in the certain fields.

A $1.9 million grant is coming to the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) programs of Palomar and Cal State San Marcos. This grant will occur over five years to increase the number of transfers from Palomar to Cal State San Marcos.

The Student Transfer Achievement Act will streamline the transfer process by permitting students to transfer without repeating many courses, especially in the psychology and sociology fields.  Accreditation of Palomar by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges helps affirm student’s degrees and credits and able to transfer to other colleges.

With the budget cuts and recession, it is getting harder to transfer.

“The CSU’s and UC’s have had to reduce the number of students they accept, so we’ve been asked to prepare students for transfer, but there aren’t enough seats available,” President Deegan said. “We will continue to do the best job we can with the resources we have to prepare students for transfer.”

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