Student DJ brings House Music to KKSM

Palomar has finally caught on to the dance music revolution.

Electronic Dance Music, otherwise known as House Music has quickly become the tune of choice by American students.

EDC is an electronic type of sound that is accented with heavy beats and electronic sounds. Its growing popularity may be due to its easy ability to take any current or classic song and turn it into a electronic masterpiece. Although EDC first popped up in the 1980s in houses or garages, hence the name, it has become increasingly more mainstream.

The year “2011 was dance music revolution and it was screaming ‘I am tired of being the underdog, set me free,’” Palomar student DJ, DJ Prado said.

The on-campus radio station KKSM realized the trend and jumped train by introducing the show “Radio Heaven with DJ Prado” featuring Palomar’s own DJ Rafael Prado.

While, working toward a degree in Radio Television, DJ Prado is able to broadcast his passion in a classroom setting.

“In my eyes this isn’t your average, everyday class. KKSM is a real radio station with real hard working students and staff,” DJ Prado said.

Despite the popularity, Prado said he said he still believed bringing this type of music genre to Palomar was a bold move, but is honored to play a part in the revolution of EDM.

“I was kind of scared to bring pure Electronic Dance Music to the table because of the length [of the songs], but little did I know this genre was quickly growing” Prado said. “Most DJs were jamming out to classic rock or indie, which is too conservative for my taste.”

“I think it’s very positive that we’re offering the Palomar College community with different genres of music that appeal to our student population,” KKSM’s General Manager Zeb Navarro said. “Since offering more of a variety, students are more inclined to listen to our radio.”

Palomar student Marilee Reid was shocked to find out Palomar offers a strictly EDM radio show.

“I’ve listened to KKSM, but I didn’t know there was a house music show,” Reid said. “I love house music and now I definitely plan on listening in the future.”

Prado hopes his show will shed light on some of the other hidden artists. “In the underground world there are hundreds of DJs making an impact. The list is never ending. There are so many DJs around the world who I respect and admire,” Prado said.

“Radio Heaven with DJ Prado” was inspired by “loss, pain, passion and love” and showcases Electronic Dance Music, but also provides listeners with more than just one type of house music.

“Not many know that EDM consist of House, Electro, Dubstep, Trance, Progressive” and many other types as well, Prado said. “It’s like a present under your Christmas tree, when you unwrap [a gift] you get not one but a handful of genres mixed in one.”

“I wish they had this show when I went here,” Palomar Alumni Mike Robertson said. “I love House Music, and it probably would have pumped me up to go to class more.”

The show “Radio Heaven” provides young people with a new, fresh style of music that can take them away from the stress of school and life, and provide an escape to a techno paradise, Prado said.

“If I can get you to leave it all behind and forget your worries for a couple hours one day a week, then I have done my job by liberating your soul,” he added.

Listeners can listen to “Radio Heaven with DJ Prado” Tuesdays from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on KKSM Radio AM 1320.


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