First Draft of the proposed 2012-2013 ASG Budget

Associated Student Government Financial Liaison Rocky Brady presented a proposed budget at the Feb. 15 ASG meeting for the 2012-2013 fiscal year. The proposed budget was far over the regular operating amount.

The regular operating budget ASG receives from Palomar College District is $30,000 to $34,000 every fiscal year. ASG will bring forward $90,000 from the reserves and other various funds left unspent by past ASGs, bringing the total amount in the ASG account to $129,000.

The largest budget expenses were monetary requests and ASG special projects. ASG has granted money to various clubs and sponsored many events that benefit the student body.

“We can only allocate 220 percent of the operative budget because we have that large reserve… so far we’ve only spent the 63 percent… We really need to look and do some kind of a balancing act. I don’t think it’s wrong to spend some of the reserves, but we do need to be more prudent with it,” Brady said.

“I fear if we were to drastically alter the bylaws or drastically alter the budget it would cause a pretty heavy backlash from the student population. We are still contending with the Coalition for Democratic Education… I think we’re really going to have to deal with that if we start hacking… at the budget,” Sen. Greg Torres said.

“You have a responsibility to all students. Not just the clubs, not just your special interest groups, not just the student initiative people… They may be less vocal, but you are responsible to that entire group.” ASG Advisor Sherry Titus said.

At the end of the meeting, Lucero urged the board to study the proposed budget and be ready with suggestions.


Second draft of the proposed 2012-2013 ASG budget

At a Feb. 22 meeting, the ASG was presented with a new budget proposal for the 2012-2013 fiscal year in which the allocated expenses are covered by the funds appropriated by the district.

ASG Sen. Rocky Brady stated that the changes would require amendments to ASG bylaws.

The changes refer to the section in which the amendment limits monetary requests from clubs to a matching fund of $600; any amount over that must be approved by a unanimous vote. The amount of monetary requests will be limited to $6,000 per semester according to the proposed budget.

The other proposal refers to ASG special projects and puts the same limitations on the amount allocated; those funds may be approved with only a two-thirds majority vote. Neither will not be granted funds if ASG reserve funds falls below $60,000.

The proposed budget reduces allocations to office expenses, social events, veteran appreciation and the ASG-sponsored Comet Celebration.

A major change to the proposed budget is the deletion of the line items monetary requests, ASG special projects and leadership travel. Under the proposed budget, funds that go towards monetary requests, special projects or leadership travel will come out of the ASG reserve funds if the reserves have an excess of $60,00.

“Monetary requests and ASG special projects were put in as line items because we had extra funds. We still have them, but it’s set up now to decrease over time,” Sen. Brady explained. “This recommended budget prevents the ASG from spending all their money for monetary requests or ASG special projects, but still allows the ASG to provide funds as long as there (are) extra funds.

The board discussed for over 50 minutes until President Evelyn Lucero was forced to adjourn the meeting. She urged the members of the board to review the proposed budget and come back to the next meeting prepared with suggestions and comments.

Author: Joel Ramos

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