Student gov't removes student senator

The Associated Student Government voted last week to remove a student senator from his post.

At the Feb. 29 ASG meeting, the board voted 2 to 5 against the ratification of Sen. Armando Telles.

Telles was enrolled in only 6 units, but an ASG senator must be enrolled in 7 units to serve on the board, which caused his suspension from the ASG. At the Feb. 29 meeting Telles’ ratification was a motion on the agenda brought fourth during the meeting’s Board Appointments section.

“He has a tendency of trying to do everything on his own without going through the necessary paperwork,” Sen. Rocky Brady said during open discussion. “I really don’t think that he deserves a spot at this table,” Brady added.

ASG President Evelyn Lucero recused herself to speak to the board about Telles during the open discussion.

She described two separate events where Telles made mistakes that affected ASG. In one instance, she said “miscommunication and misinformation to the administration” caused the ASG to come close to losing their invitation to attend Palomar’s annual fund-raising Gala last November.

She added that during a second event, the African-American history event, there was a similar problem.

“I was getting calls everyday that Sen. Telles didn’t have paperwork, and he was not organizing the event right,” she told the board. “I got these complaints from all of you. I just want you to think about that when you make your decision and vote.”

In an interview after the meeting Telles said the comments made by Sen. Brady and President Lucero were irrelevant to the motion at hand and should have been addressed outside of the meeting beforehand, not used to influence board members’ votes.

“(I think) they should have ratified me under condition that I undergo some form of training or perhaps leadership development,” Telles said. “They took (a) capital punishment approach to discipline.”

Author: Joel Ramos

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