Counselors are key to student success

If I would have spoken to a counselor early on in my college career, I wouldn’t be back at Palomar after graduating from a four-year school.

Here I am, still attending classes although I have officially earned my bachelor’s degree and celebrated those achievements with family and friends.

Speaking with a counselor does not take much effort or time, and in turn, can make the biggest turn in your educational voyage.

I graduated from Palomar and transferred to Cal State San Bernardino to work toward receiving my bachelor’s degree in mass communications. Despite my many educational achievements, I failed to seek any type of professional help prior to graduating last year.

I followed the recommended course sheet, enrolling and passing the specified classes required to achieve my degree. I qualified to walk in graduation, yet did not schedule the recommended appointment with a counselor to perform a graduation check.

I quickly learned that I lacked just a few units needed to receive that degree in the mail.

So here I am, back at Palomar taking that last class — writing for the campus newspaper — while trying to get a job in journalism.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Learn from me: Don’t procrastinate when seeking help in graduating or transferring to a four-year university, or you will prolonging your stay at Palomar.

The district requirements have set guidelines for students to follow to transfer or graduate. Competence in courses such as American history or California government, health, mathematics and a multicultural course are demanded to receive an associate degree of any sort. Students must meet general education requirements such as; science, humanities, English, social and behavioral sciences as well as sociology and psychology.

The importance of planning an education plot at a college level is vital. Students have to follow guidelines that are necessary to achieve higher learning. Enrolling and passing classes is a responsibility that requires much attention, every step has to be carefully addressed.

Students have to consider what their educational goals are early on in their college career so they can craft an educational plan.

Counselors can help by giving recommendations and tips. Students should not procrastinate when it comes to searching professional help especially when planning for the future. The counselors at Palomar are busy so book your appointment as soon as you can.

The counseling advice is particularly crucial at graduating time.

Schools reside in different districts that have varied recommendations for students in terms of graduating and transferring.

When deadlines are not met, students do not advance to graduation nor do they successfully transfer at a quick rate. The most productive way to understand the specific deadlines for Palomar College is to speak with counselors and professors regularly to be aware of the necessary steps to getting a degree. Start by visiting the website at so you don’t end up back here like I am.

Author: Jessica Brooks

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