LL&LG: Madness behind the stash

Living with four guys has been quite the experience. Not only have I picked up on a whole new vocabulary, but I can now shot gun a beer and spit out useless football facts on demand (my mother would be so proud).

Most of the time I try to tune the boys out because a girl can really only handle so much, but lately it’s been getting harder to avoid them and their newly acquired hobby of growing facial hair.

Meaning Mustache March is now in full effect.

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of being introduced to this hairy celebration, I envy you. But just to keep you in the loop, Mustache March is a month-long movement where guys put down their razors and grow a sleazy ‘stache.

It’s not just guys who are sporting ‘staches either, the mustache trend seems to have rubbed off on the ladies. Mustache apparel, accessories and tattoos are popping up all over websites like etsy.com and pinterest.com featuring shirts, jewelry, party favors, stationary and much more.

I’ve even attended a themed ‘stache bash party where the guys showed off their creatively grown ‘staches and the girls sported colorful, glittery fake ones.

As hot as the trend is right now, it’s almost as if it emerged overnight. So me being the nosy girl that I am, I wanted to find out a little bit more about all this mustache madness. Naturally, I googled it.

There are dozens of websites and Facebook profiles promoting Mustache March as a fun way to compete with their buddies to see who can out grow who or come up with the sleaziest ‘stache.

Even Palomar’s own baseball team has joined the craze to not shave their upper lips for the entire month of March.

Although, I will never fully understand the inter-workings of the male brain and what they consider fun, I have to appreciate the creativity.

Some organizations have even jumped on the bandwagon. The Follicle Freedom Foundation is putting the facial hair to good use. According to mustachemarch.com, the group is raising money for the Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer, the group opted out of the traditional fundraising practices and came up with a creative way to have fun and raise money.

“Our goal is threefold. Revive a once-glorious grooming practice, humiliate ourselves in the process, and raise some cash for a worthy cause.”

The group adds “next, we bring back the cape.”

Author: Kelli Miller

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