Oakland shooter has no respect for human life

The recent Oakland shootings proved the lack of respect some individuals have for human life.

On April 3, former student One L. Goh, 43, committed the biggest massacre since the Virginia Tech shooting five years ago.

Goh barged into Oikos University in Oakland, Calif. and asked to speak to a particular administrator who was not present. He then pushed a secretary into a classroom and asked the students to line-up. When some students did not comply, he began shooting.

The six women and one man, ages 21 to 40, were murdered execution-style. Three more victims were wounded.

To murder, nonetheless execute as Goh did, is inhumane and morally disturbing. The particular incident occurred in the timespan of an hour. In that hour, seven innocent lives were taken by a distraught individual experiencing personal issues.

To the people who are currently living in America, no one has the right to run rampant on individuals. Those that have taken their frustrations out on others through murder deserve to be locked behind bars or executed.

“Goh was having some behavioral problems at the school and was asked to leave several months ago,” Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan told CBS News.

Goh was an immigrant and nursing student who allegedly thought he was being mistreated and disrespected. He is likely not the only foreign student who feels unwelcome in a new country. Considering the 94,000 other foreign students in California alone, according to the Immigration Policy Center website, there are many individuals that may be experiencing similar outcast-like situations.

Foreign immigrants often learn to adjust to the American customs and lifestyle in attempt to adopt our habits and fit the mold of an American. Goh, however, refused to adjust and rebelled.

ABC News reported that Goh was significantly in debt, roughly $23,000 including a tax lien, as well as two deaths in his immediate family, a failed marriage and a failed business. Sadly, this story is common for most Americans.

Goh reportedly was also heavily teased by classmates at Oikos for his pronunciation of the English language and was repeatedly called a loser. Having to deal with stereotypes is a reality, so is having to pay a financial debt, however, neither issue should fuel people to lash out on others.

The average American debt is roughly $6,000 in credit cards and $300,000 in mortgage. America’s national debt is $5 trillion as of March 2012, according to the United States National Debt Clock and CNN News.

Goh, although suffering from personal issues and financial hardship, had no respect for human life and should be given capital punishment for his acts of hate. He should be executed just as he executed the seven innocent victims.

Disgusting individuals that place harm on others are low-moral human beings that deserve punishment for life inside of any penitentiary, if not pay with pay his life. California has the ability to lower prison occupation by implementing executions to those that deserve it.

Goh is facing possible death penalty for the “seven counts of murder, three counts of premeditated attempted murder and 10 special circumstance allegations,” CNN reported. “Seven of those allegations are for committing multiple murders and one each are for committing a murder during a robbery, murder during a carjacking and murder during a kidnapping.”

The decision will be made after a preliminary holding scheduled next week. Let’s hope he gets what he deserves.


Author: Jessica Brooks

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