EDITORIAL: The Bridge to Nowhere

The Associated Student Government elections are upon us, and once again, it seems that no one cares.

This year, there are only two people running for positions in the ASG:  Johnathan Farmer for president and Angel Jimenez for vice president. Both are obviously unopposed.

The ASG elections are notorious for having a pathetic turnout during voting. Last year, only 1 percent of Palomar’s student population voted in the elections.

With such an apathetic audience, the ASG can pretty much do anything it wants…or doesn’t want. Every year, candidates running for any position state their platform, something that includes their goals and what they would like to do if they got the position they desire.

One night at The Telescope, we were looking through old ASG election articles in preparation for this year’s elections when we discovered something astounding: the platforms of this year’s candidates are almost identical to those of past years.

Current president Evelyn Lucero ran against one other candidate last year who was disqualified and then later reinstated. Lucero’s platform: “Plans to build on her current efforts to increase student awareness through a website redesign and new Facebook page.”

The other presidential candidate last year, Alberto Nunez, included this in his platform: “Plans to increase student involvement…”

Vice presidential candidate Cody Dean had a similar goal last year: “Wants to culminate student government experience and increase student involvement on campus.” Dean ran uncontested.

Fast-forward to this year. Lucero has succeeded in her goal of redesigning the ASG’s website. But that other part, the thing about student awareness, must still be a problem because Jimenez, who was a senator in the ASG, seems to think it still needs to be worked on.

Jimenez’s platform: “Raise student awareness of ASG.”

This is a joke.

We call bull on the ASG candidates. We think that because of student apathy, the people running for the ASG don’t see any reason to say anything different and continue to recycle the same platforms over and over. Students put no demands on the ASG, so they have no reason to change their platforms.

The ASG really does have a lot of power (aka money), but because students aren’t asking, they aren’t giving. The ASG can make a lot of good changes for the student population, but we need to hold them accountable.


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