LL&LG: Sweet 25

I am getting old.

Seriously, I can pretty much taste my twenties disappearing! I am being a tad dramatic (it’s not like I’m turning 30), but it has started to sink in that in a matter of just a few months I am going to hit my quarter of a century milemarker.

But speaking of 30, I stumbled upon a really funny online Glamour Magazine article. Apparently it was first introduced 1997 as a popular e-chain letter that circulated around the web ending up in tons of women’s inboxes.

The letter titled “Maya Angelou’s Best Poem Ever” was actually an article written by Glamour Magazine’s contributing writer, Pamela Redmond Satran. Satran wrote the article on the brink of her 30th birthday and composed a list of “30 things every woman should have and should know by the time she’s 30” and it instantly took the Internet by storm. Women everywhere started forwarding the “list” to their girlfriends, aunts, sisters and mothers and so on and Satran later updated the article in 2005.

So this got me thinking…

Since my birthday is right around the corner I thought it would be fun to come up with a list of 25 things I think that every gal should know or have before hitting the age of 25.

So here it goes:

1.       How to master the art of walking in heels.

2.       How to fill out a job application, a FAFSA and W2.

3.       Owning the perfect lace bra, pair of jeans and baby pink nail color.

4.       Having a favorite brand of condoms (because I know you all are practicing safe sex).

5.       Knowing how to kill a spider, hangover or zombie (ya know, just in case).

6.       How to do your own laundry and how to tell your boyfriend to do his, himself.

7.       Having more than $6 in your savings account.

8.       Actually having a savings account.

9.       Knowing when you should try harder and when you should just give up.

10.   Having a promiscuous weekend, summer or sophomore year.

11.   Knowing that flirting with a cop won’t always get you out of a ticket.

12.   Having a best friend and a pair of Spanx (even though they’re essentially the same thing).

13.   That your mother really does have your best interest at heart, even though it might not always seem that way.

14.   Knowing that ex-boyfriends are exes for a reason, and that they should probably stay that way.

15.   How to write a kick-ass resume, cover letter or Facebook profile.

16.   Knowing that sometimes your heart isn’t always the best compass.

17.   Being the proud owner of a stop-him-in-his-tracks-smile.

18.   Knowing that in soccer it’s a goal, baseball it’s a homerun, football is a touchdown and basketball is a… oh shit.

19.   Knowing that the 5-minute look actually takes about 30 minutes to achieve. At least.

20.  Knowing not to take the saying “mix and match” too literal.

21.   Knowing that sleeping with your best friend’s boyfriend, brother in-law, or first cousin is wrong, really wrong.

22.   Knowing what the inside of the gym that you’ve been paying for for the last six months actually looks like.

23.  Knowing that being a bitch isn’t always a bad thing.

24.   Knowing that Ben and Jerry won’t fix all of your problems.

25.   Knowing that you will never get these days back, so live it up!


Author: Kelli Miller

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