SIP OF THE WEEK: All-American Punch

The All-American Punch

Ingredients: (Serves Many)

½ qt Blue Curacao

1 gallon of light Rum

1 gallon of Vodka

½ qt of Cranberry juice

½ qt of Lemonade

½ qt of Orange juice

1 qt of Sprite

Baseball season is back in full swing and there’s no better way to celebrate than with an ice-cold beer and mustard-covered hot dog, or wait, maybe there is…

The All-American alcoholic punch packs a taste so tasty it’s sure to be a hit with any and all baseball lovers.

With its sweet and tangy mixture, the All-American punch will do a number on any fan’s taste buds. The fruity orange taste of the Blue Curacao goes along perfectly with the citrus flavor of the orange juice and lemonade, while the cranberry juice adds a touch of tartness.

Combined together, the juices cover up the stiffness of the hefty addition of rum and vodka, allowing this drink to go down very easily. Don’t forget the Sprite either, because the carbonation of the soda adds a little fizz to the mix making the cocktail that much more refreshing.

Although this punch is jammed packed with ingredients, it’s very easy to recreate at home for a baseball-themed party. Simply add all the ingredients together in a large punch bowl, add ice and set out your favorite party cups.

To impress your friends even more with your hostess skills, accompany the All-American punch with baseball-themed snacks like popcorn, mini hot dogs and pretzels.

And if tailgating is more your thing, simply pour the concoction in a large to-go thermos and you’re ready to hit the road and the ballpark’s parking lot.

Author: Kelli Miller

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